Jan 21 2021

Arnous discusses with MPs means to improve service, developmental realities in Lattakia

Damascus, SANA-The meeting of the Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, with members of the People’s Assembly, who represent Lattakia province, focused on the need to exert intensified efforts to improve the service and developmental realities in the province and to support the productive sectors according to the available capabilities in a way that would directly reflect on improving the reality of services provided to the citizens. The proposals dealt with solving the problem of drinking water in the province, increasing its allocations from oil derivatives, securing the need for teachers in the schools in Lattakia countryside, completing the construction of Jableh …

May 24 2020

Roofed market, with its seven gates, narrates part of ancient history of Lattakia

Lattakia, SANA_ The roofed market, with its stone walls and archaeological arches, narrates part of the ancient heritage of Lattakia city. The ceilings and domes covering its narrow alleys paved with ancient stones, provide an elegant scene that spices up the fragrance of the past despite the change that has occurred in most of its features. The old market extends over a wide area about one km from the city center. It intersects its markets and main streets, where it is surrounded by Ugarit Square in the south, Souq Al-Sagha and Al-Annaba Street in the north and Al-Quwatli Street in …

May 17 2020

Lattakia team ranks first in republic championship of junior kickboxing

Lattakia, SANA_ Lattakia team ranked first in the Republic’s Championship for junior kickboxing for the shadow fight technique which was held through video recording and the Internet. Lattakia team players, Ihsan Ibrahim (above 42 kg) won one gold medal, Haydar Maa’mar (32 kg) won one silver medal and Aous Setri Deep (32 kg) won a bronze medal while Sedra Haydar (junior – female) won one gold medal. Head of the Kickboxing technical committee in Lattakia Basil Hattab told SANA that the wide spread of kickboxing sport in Lattakia led to these good results. Gh.A.Hassoun FORUM

Apr 28 2020

Lattakia Medical Emergency System highly prepared to deal with all conditions

Lattakia, SANA_ The teams of the Medical Emergency System of the Lattakia Health Directorate make great efforts to deal with the emergency health situation that the country is experiencing due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Head of the System Dr. Munzer Kassir, said that from the beginning, a series of strict measures were taken to protect the System’s cadres from the contagion by this disease. “All workers, including paramedics, nurses, and drivers, received intensive training to professionally deal with suspected cases of Covid-19 infection,” he added. Dr. Kassir pointed out that some 20 ambulances were deployed throughout …

Apr 3 2020

4.7 scale earthquake registered at Syrian coast

Related Articles Damascus, SANA – A light earthquake was registered at 4.7 on the Richter Scale on Friday evening at the Syrian coast at a depth of 20 km 65 km away from Lattakia city. The National Center for Seismic Monitoring said the earthquake occurred at 21:15 PM local time, and was felt by people in Lattakia, Tartous, Hama, Homs, and Aleppo. The Center said an aftershock was registered at 2.5 at 21:26 at a depth of 9 km and 48 km away from Lattakia. Hazem Sabbagh FORUM

Mar 6 2020

Anti-air defenses in Lattakia destroy two drones coming from Idleb

Related Articles Lattakia, SANA – Anti-air defenses detected two drones flying from the direction of Idleb, destroying them in the surroundings of Jableh in Lattakia province. SANA’s reporter in Lattakia said two drones deployed from the areas where terrorists are positioned in Idleb were headed towards Hmeimim airbase, and anti-air defenses destroyed them in the surroundings of Jableh city. Hazem Sabbagh FORUM