Jan 19 2021

Airstrikes on Iraqi forces positions in Babil province

According to preliminary information from field sources, the Americans attacked Iraqi forces with GBU-39 bombs. Some reports indicate the presence of the medical staff of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU) to transfer the martyrs and the wounded to hospitals. Also Al-Alam confirmed the news of the martyrdom and wounding of several Iraqi forces as a result US airstrikes in Jurf al-Sakhar, and reported the extensive flight of US aircraft over the western part of Karbala province. Al-Kadhimi sent anti-terrorism forces to Baghdad Green Zone to protect the US embassy. There are also rumors about the evacuation of residential houses around …

Jan 18 2021

Attack on US convoys in southern Iraq

The “Martyr Karim Dar’am” resistance group claimed responsibility for the attacks. No casualties have been reported so far. FORUM

Jan 18 2021

Latest Updates on Iraq, 17 January 2021

– Muqtada al-Sadr condemned the events in Nasiriyah and called for the arrest of the aggressors and saboteurs and their separation from the ranks of peaceful demonstrators. – Mohammad Khalil, Governor of Sinjar: So far, we have not witnessed a real retreat of PKK from Sinjar. Any statement by the Iraqi central government or any other institution about PKK leaving Sinjar is completely untrue and far from the truth.Three months ago, the Kadhimi government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Barzani, signed an agreement on the Sinjar region to establish joint management in the region, part of which includes …

Jan 11 2021

Latest Updates on Iraq, 11 January 2021

1- Continued US military assistance to Kurdistan Peshmerga militants. 100 military vehicles were donated to these forces by the United States.In recent months, the United States has twice donated several vehicles and military equipment to the Peshmerga forces. – The United States has placed Faleh Fayyaz, the leader of the Popular Mobilization Forces on its sanctions list.Faleh Fayyaz: Our response to the assassination of the martyrs Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes and Qasim Soleimani is the expulsion of foreign troops from Iraq.In response to Faleh Fayyaz’s boycott, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry issued a statement expressing surprise from US decision, stressing that such …

Jan 9 2021

The conditions of the “Ashab al-Kahf” for a ceasefire with the United States

The “Ashab al-Kahf” group demands the following conditions:– The quick withdrawal of US troops and equipment from Iraq– Stopping the sabotage activities carried out by the Americans in the country– No prosecution and any action against the Islamic Resistance Forces– Preventing the movement of the American forces (military-security) in Iraq Over the past year, following the assassination of General Soleimani and al-Mohandes at Baghdad airport by the United States, attacks by Iraqi resistance forces on American convoys have increased, and US forces are under intense pressure from the Iraqi people and parliament to leave the country. The conditions of Iraqi …

Jan 9 2021

Breaking: Attacks on three US army logistics convoys in Iraq

One of these attacks was carried out in the Hillah area and the other two in the Nasiriyah area against American logistics convoys. Yesterday also two more explosions took place on the route of American caravans in Baghdad and Samawah which the Qasim al-Jabbarin resistance group claimed responsibility for the attacks. FORUM

Jan 4 2021

Breaking: IED attack on US convoy in Iraq

Qasim al-Jabbarin claimed responsibility for the attack. FORUM

Jan 3 2021

Iraq: Presence of thousands at the martyrdom site of resistance commanders in Baghdad

Also, after Iraqi groups and political parties called on the people to take part in today’s demonstration in Tahrir Square in Baghdad on the anniversary of the assassination of Nasr commanders, a large number of people from this city and other Iraqi provinces came to this square. Baghdad Tahrir Square Fadhil Jaber, a member of the Iraqi parliament from the Fatah coalition, said the demonstrations on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Soleimani and Mohandes in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square is a real start to regaining national sovereignty, and called on the Iraqi government to announce the result of investigations and …

Jan 2 2021

Latest Updates on Iraq, 2 January 2020

1- Sheikh “Qais Al-Khazali”, Secretary General of Asaeb Ahl al-Haq, in an interview with Al-Ahd Network, expressed his regret for the delay in responding to the assassination of the martyrs Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes and stated that Iraq’s response was supposed to be stronger than Iran’s. 2- Discovery of a naval mine on a ship near the waters of Iraq. 3- Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq invited the people of this country to participate in the demonstrations on January 3, 2021. 4- “Mohammad Al-Tamimi”, one of the commanders of Al-Hashdal Shaabi in Iraq: With intelligence efforts, an ISIS network in …

Dec 31 2020

Attacks on US convoys in southern Iraq

According reports, Ashab al-Kahf group set fire to several armored vehicles of American terrorists in the Sharqat area of Salah al-Din province. Also another logistics convoy of American forces was targeted in al-Samawah. The Ashab Al-Kahf claimed responsibility for the attack. FORUM

Dec 31 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 31 December 2020

– Renaming the street leading to Baghdad Airport to Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes Street. In Qom, a street was named after Martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes. The rest of the resistance commanders’ vehicles were taken to the place of their martyrdom on Baghdad Airport Street and were taken to the place as a memorial. – The Iraqi ambassador to Iran announced a joint complaint between Iran and Iraq regarding the US crime in the assassination of General Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes. – The anniversary of the martyrdom of resistance commanders was celebrated at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad in the presence …

Dec 30 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 30 December 2020

– More than six attacks on US terrorist logistics convoys in various parts of Iraq by Iraqi resistance forces in the past few days. – Some sources suggest that the US embassy may be moved from Baghdad to Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdish region. The United States is building its largest consulate in the world in Erbil. – Resumption of construction of Karbala International Airport project after the bombing of this airport by American terrorists.Following the lawsuit filed by the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) against the United States in international courts, the United States was convicted …

Dec 30 2020

Limited US missile drill in Baghdad!

The United States has said it has notified the Iraqi army and aviation authority to ensure the safety of Iraqi domestic flights. As the anniversary of the martyrdom of “Nasr”(victory) commanders, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes and Haj Qasim Soleimani approaches, tensions and the security situation in Baghdad and Iraq are increasing day by day. Although Iran has stated through various channels that it will not play and act to avenge the blood of the martyrs when the United States determines it, but the United States is on high alert for fear of Iranian retaliation. FORUM

Dec 29 2020

Breaking: IED attack on two US convoys south of Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: A U.S. military convoy was attacked by a roadside bomb on the Al-Diwaniyah International Road and another convoy in the al-Samawah area by the Iraqi resistance groups in south of Iraq. FORUM

Dec 28 2020

Breaking: IED attack on US convoy south of Iraq

Yesterday, two explosions took place on the route of the American military convoy on the international highway in the Babil province, which was claimed by the “Qasim al-Jabbarin” resistance group. Breaking: Two separate attacks on US convoys in southern Iraq FORUM

Dec 27 2020

Breaking: Two separate attacks on US convoys in southern Iraq

The Qasim al-Jabbarin resistance group claimed responsibility for the attacks. As the anniversary of the assassination of resistance commanders Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes by the U.S terrorist army approaches, the number of attacks by resistance forces against U.S targets in Iraq has increased.U.S forces are on high alert for fear of attacks by Iraqi groups. FORUM

Dec 26 2020

Iraq: Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq commander released!

After a rocket attack by resistance forces on the Green Zone of Baghdad, one of the commanders of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq was arrested by order of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi. This caused the special forces of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq to be poured in different parts of Baghdad last night in response to this action. But finally, with a 48-hour ultimatum to the Iraqi Prime Minister and mediation by the Iraqi parties, Qasim al-Araji was released and tensions eased. Iraq: Rising tensions in Baghdad FORUM

Dec 25 2020

Iraq: Rising tensions in Baghdad

Now, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq special forces are present in various parts of Baghdad in response to this action. Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq forces have denied allegations that they took part in a recent rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone, giving Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhim 48 hours to release the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq commander. The American occupying forces entered their shelters in Victoria base for fear of the reaction of the Iraqi resistance. Also, forces of the anti-terrorism unit under the command of al-Saedi (close to the United States) are deployed in the streets of Baghdad. Iraqi …

Dec 25 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 25 Dec 2020

– US President, Trump the Gambler pardoned four Blackwater security personnel who were convicted of killing 14 Iraqi civilians. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemned the issue and said it would pursue it through talks with the US government! – Continuation of bombardments of northern Iraq by Turkish aircraft. – On Friday, December 25, four separate attacks targeted convoy of US forces in Iraq. Qasim al-Jabarin group claimed responsibility for the attacks. – Twelve ISIS terrorists were killed during an operation by Iraqi security forces near Mosul. – Telephone conversation between Iraqi Prime Minister Masrour Barzani and Mike Pompeo.Masrour Barzani called …

Dec 25 2020

Four attacks on US military convoys in Iraq in one day

In four separate attacks, Iraqi resistance groups targeted US military convoys near al-Samawah in al-Muthanna province, Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar province, al-Diwaniyah in al-Qadisiyah province and Babil province. FORUM

Dec 17 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 17 December 2020

– News sources reported of arrest of Hamid Al-Jazairi and Ali Al-Yasri, commanders of Saraya al-Khorasani. Hashad Sha’abi closed 10 locations of Saraya al-Khorasani and arrested several of the members. – Turkish air raids continue in north of Iraq, three civilians killed in Dohuk province. – Haider al-Abadi: American planes had Iraq’s permission to attack Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis near Baghdad airport. – Counter terrorism forces operation in northwest of Iraq; 42 ISIS terrorists killed in south of Mosul. – Qasem al-Jabbarin group: US conveyed 32 rocket launchers from Ali al-Salim base in Kuwait to Ain al-Assad in …

Dec 10 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 10 December 2020

– Protests in Sulaymaniyah provinceDespite the imposition and extension of curfews in the cities of Sulaymaniyah province, restrictions and disruptions on social media and television and radio networks by local authorities, protests continue in the province.The Dissatisfied Voices group declared tomorrow the day of the nationwide demonstrations at a press conference and called on all groups and factions to join the people.According to statistics, about 10 people have been killed and more than 54 injured in the protests so far.Reports indicate that a large number of prisoners have been transferred from Sulaymaniyah province to Baghdad. – Attacks on American terrorist …

Dec 10 2020

Iraq: Protests resume in Iqlim Kurdistan

Due to high amount of corruption and unpaid employees and soldiers by the officials of Iqlim Kurdistan, people of Sulaymaniyah province, which is ruled by Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), protested again. The protests ended in Sulaymaniyah city, capital of the province, after two days by presence of security forces and taking position in important centers and banning NRT TV, which is famous as opposition, but this only led to higher tensions in other cities of the province including Seyed Sadegh, Chamchamal, Pirmagron, Kalar, Khanaqin, Raniah. In the past few days the HQs of three main parties of Kurdistan and …

Dec 8 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 8 December 2020

– Following the protests in Soleimaniyah province to the delayed salaries and financial corruption in Iqlim Kurdistan, HQ of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in some towns were set ablaze. (image).Two were killed and several wounded, latest updates. – Iran’s ambassador, Iraj Masjedi, reported of Quds forces commander, general Qaani, meeting with Iraqi president and PM and some other officials.He said that Iran won’t interfere in Iraq domestic issues and these activities are in the framework of strengthening the government and persuading the political movements to be united. Fractions prefer to consult with Iran. – …

Dec 4 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 3 December 2020

– US evacuates half of its diplomats from Iraq.Some believe it is due to the tensions between USA and Iran in the last days of Trump administration. – Mustafa Al Kadhimi in the cabinet meeting: We announced the election to be held on 6 June and insist to hold it successfully. – ISIS important suicide terrorist Abu Jihad was arrested in Mosul.Iraqi intelligence: He was active in terrorist groups Abu Ubayda Jarrah. – Six terrorists killed in Makhmour. – Iraqi joint operation command reported that pro-PKK militia will leave Sinjar town. – Iraqi president, Barham Salih, in meeting with Iraj …

Dec 1 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 1 December 2020

– Ahmed Mala Tallal, Iraqi government spokesperson, resigned due to different opinions. – Pro-Muqtada Sadr protestors gathering and praying in Tahrir square of Baghdad following Sadr movement to have unity praying and protest in Baghdad and other provinces.In the conflict between the protesters and pro Sadr in Naseriyah, seven killed and 50 wounded. Many security forces deployed to this town to control the situation by Al Kadhimi.Abu Yaser, deputy of Muqtada Sadr, participated in the protests by setting ablaze the LGBT flag and breaking wine bottle symbols. – Iraqi FM condemned the attack to Aramco oil complex in Saudi Arabia …

Nov 20 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 19 November 2020

– Rocket attacks to US embassy in Baghdad Green Zone.An Iraqi security source: Of the seven fired rockets to the Baghdad Green Zone, four rockets hit the inside and two outside and one exploded in the air.While some sources claimed Ashab al-Kahf group took responsibility of it, Kataib Hezbollah called firing rocket on the Green Zone a stupid action by idiots or Trump mercenaries and a cover on Trump’s failures by creating a crisis. Kadhim al-Fartusi, spokesperson of Kataib Sayed al-Shuhada, however called this attack a thoughtful message and stated American forces should know that their time is not endless.He …

Jul 26 2020

Iraq: US and Spanish militaries withdrew from Basmaya base

This is done while the base was hit by Iraqi resistance groups four times in Friday. American terrorist soldiers present under the cover of international coalition against ISIS in Iraq have evacuated bases al-Qaem, Habaniya, Qayyarah, Ninewa Operational Command headquarters, K1 and the Basmaya base added to the list on July 25.It marked the handover of the seventh(or sixth) base transferred to the Iraqi forces this year. Basmaya town lays 10 km southeast of Baghdad en route Kut. Basmaya has an important powerplant which produces electricity of Baghdad and Iraq’s energy infrastructure intersects here. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL TO KEEP …

Jun 11 2020

Video: “Saraya Thurat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah” new attacks to USA in Iraq

1. On 20 May 2020 a truck conveying military equipment for American forces was hit on Bathah road outskirts of Naseriyah.2. On 8 June 2020 a truck conveying an American AFV was hit near Jisr al-Muthanna, north of Baghdad. In their statement they warned companies and employees working for Americans in transportation to cut their ties to save their lives. FORUM

Jun 8 2020

Details of USA Iraq future negotiation

According to Iraqi news sources, the negotiations between Iraq and the US Iraqi media reported that Iraq USA negotiation will start in 15 June over different topics.The priorities of Iraqi team which has 20 members include “American forces presence”, “supporting Iraqi forces” and “economic relations”. US will focus on “US interests in Iraq” and “Hashad Sha’abi”. In this regard, Abu Ali al-Askari the Iraqi Kataib Hezballah spokesman has described the suggestions of this group in negotiation with the US:1. Replacing three Iraqi members in negotiation team since they are famous as being pro-USA.2. Presence of at least one authentic delegate …

Jun 5 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 5 June 2020

1. Diyala:– Clashes between ISIS and Hashd al-Shaabi in the suburb of Aisha base.– During ISIS attacks in the northeast regions of Diyala, 3 civilians martyred and 4 others wounded.– During ISIS attack against civilians in the al-Islah village in the suburb of Jaloula, 2 Hashd al-Ashaeri forces were martyred and 3 others were wounded. 2. Iraqi forces started the “Iraqi heroes 2 operation” for clearing the regions between Salah al-Din and Kirkuk provinces. 3. According to Iraqi sources, ISIS has done 59 attacks in the past three months in Salah al-Din, Diyala and Kirkuk provinces, that 24 people have …

May 30 2020

Turkish air strike to north of Iraq

Due to this attack a father and son were killed and one injured in Hituta village.Iraqi and Iqlim Kurdistan officials have not commented yet.Due to oil contract with Turkey and not so friendly relation with PKK, Iqlim Kurdistan does not usually take position against Turkey’s air strikes. FORUM

May 28 2020

Iraq: Turkey missile attack to Sulaymaniyah

According to local sources, the vehicle was destroyed and five PKK passengers killed. The attack damaged the Mawat hospital and a few buildings.PKK and Turkish army conflict intensified after gas pipeline between Iran and Turkey was hit on March 31 and Turkey conducted several air strikes on PKK positions and gatherings with coordination of Iqlim in north of Iraq. FORUM

May 27 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 26 May 2020

1. Anbar:– An Iraqi helicopter crashed in Faydhah village outskirts of Rutbah. Some claimed technical issue some said ISIS shot it down.– Iraqi intelligence forces arrested several ISIS terrorists in al-Qaem. 2. Diyala:– According to Hashad al-Ashaeri report, three villages Tawakkol, Khilaniyah and Arab Fars in north of Miqdadiyah were occupied by ISIS and the roads are not safe.– Due to ISIS terrorists infiltration and attack to Yankja village in north of Amirli two Iraqi police were abducted. 3. According to counter terrorism service, Mutaz Numan Nayef Najm al-Jaburi, a ISIS commander and designer of ISIS operations was killed in …

May 22 2020

Video: Footage of Surface to Air Missile Attack on US Chinook Helicopter in Iraq

In this video, one of the members of this group fires a missile at the American helicopter with a MANPAD, but in the end, the moment of the missile’s collision with the helicopter is not shown. The moment of the impact may be published in the next clips, or this clip may contain a special message for the American terrorist forces in Iraq. “Thar al-Muhandis” is the fifth resistance group which in recent months have declared its opposition against United States. Asbat al-Thaerin, Ashab al-Kahf , Saraya Thorat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah and Qabdhat al-Huda have been stated their resistance before this …

May 22 2020

Iraq: Announcing the Formation of a New Group, Thar al-Muhandis

This group is the fifth resistance group which in recent months have declared its opposition against United States. Asbat al-Thaerin, Ashab al-Kahf , Saraya Thorat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah and Qabdhat al-Huda have been stated their resistance before this group. The group’s name, “Thar al-Muhandis”, refers to the blood of the martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the former commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). In this statement two operations have been clarified. First, striking Camp Victory air base with 4 Katyusha rockets in 6th of May and second launching and destroying an American combat Chinook in 17 April this year by …

May 20 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 19 May 2020

1. Diyala:During the explosion of a car in the suburb of al- Miqdadiah, a police officer was martyred. 2. Salah al-Din:– Due to ISIS attack on an Iraqi Army vehicle in the west of al-Siniah city, located in the suburb of Biji, one Iraqi force martyred.– The searching and clearing operation in the southwestern regions of Samarra by Hashad al-Shaabi.– During Hashd al-Shaabi operation named as “Aswad al-Jazeera”, the western desert of Salah al-Din was cleared of ISIS members. In this operation, 3 ISIS members were killed, and their equipment was seized and their headquarter was destroyed. 3. Neineveh:– The …

May 16 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 16 May 2020

1. Diyala:– Martyrdom of 4 and wounding 6 Hasd al-Shaabi forces in ISIS attack on al-Maytah village in the al-Adhim region, located in north of Diyala.– ISIS attack on the Shaqraq village in the north of al-Meqdadiyah, was failed by Hashad al-Shaabi. Two Hashd al-Shaabi forces were martyred during these clashes. 2. Neineveh:During Iraqi forces airstrike on ISIS positions in the west of al-Hadhar, 4 ISIS members were killed. 3. Al-Anbar:– During the clashes between Iraqi army and ISIS in the Al Bou Alwan village in the al-Anbar desert, 4 military vehicles of armyhave been destroyed.– Iraqi forces started the …

May 16 2020

Protests Resume in Iraq; But Why?!

Due to the recent protests in the Karbala, Basra, Waset, Babil and some other parts of Iraq, it is possible that the US will challenge the central power by reactivating the protests; and thus, to put pressure on the Iraqi government and military forces. Due to the Iraq cyberspace especially Twitter, the propaganda and planning for restarting the protests in Iraq.For example, on April 13, Iraqi protesters promised the million demonstration after ending the Corona, by trending the “مليونية_بعد_الحظر“; that we see implementing of this promise these days. Why we say there are the US footprints in the Iraqi protests? …

May 16 2020

Iraq: Announcing the Formation of a New Group, Saraya Thorat Al-Ashrin Al-Thaniyah

This is the third Iraqi resistance group to declare its presence on Iraqi soil in recent months with the aim of directly fighting the American occupiers. Clearly, the increase in these small but agile Iraqi groups will increase the costs of the American occupying forces presence on Iraqi soil. FORUM

May 15 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 15 May 2020

1. Diyala:– ISIS bombed Zuhra village, northeast of Baqubah by mortars. Five injured.– ISIS attacked Mubarak village.– Due to a roadside bomb en route Hashad Sha’abi convoy near Khanaqin three soldiers injured. 2. Babil:Hashad Sha’abi repelled ISIS attack to Jurf al-Nasr. One Hashad Sha’abi troop martyred. 3. Anbar– ISIS attack to south of Akashat repelled by Hashad Sha’abi.– Hashad Sha’abi started cleansing operation in al-Anbar desert including areas Thamil, Ain Thamil, Wadi Qazaf, Rukm al-Ali, etc. 4. Salah al-Din:ISIS attack to Mazarih, outskirts of Samarra, was expelled by Iraqi forces. Four Iraqi forces injured. FORUM

May 13 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 13 May 2020

1. Al-Anbar:– Iraqi forces repelled and neutralized the ISIS attack in the Siniyah-Hadithah road.– Due to the explosion of a bomb in Salijiah region, west of Hit town, an army military vehicle was destroyed. According to sources, 2 personnel have been killed by the attack.– During Iraqi police raid on gathering of the ISIS members in the south of Fallujah, 3 were killed and 5 others wounded.– The launch of a security operation by the Hashd al-Shaabi and the Iraqi army along the Euphrates river in west of al-Qaem. 2. Salah al-Din:During the clashes between Iraqi forces and ISIS in …

May 12 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 11 May 2020

The latest news of the clashes between ISIS and Iraqi forces, are so: 1. Two ISIS members were arrested by Hashd al-Shaabi (PMU) forces in the Mosul dam and al-Shurah area. 2. Two ISIS members were arrested by Iraqi forces, during a security operation in Wadi Tharthar. 3. During Hash al-Shaabi operation in the Nineveh province, 15 ISIS members were arrested. 4. Iraqi Army warplanes targeted the ISIS gathering place in Mosul. 5. The ISIS attack on a police checkpoint in Miqdadiyah, (located in Diyala province) ended with no casualties. FORUM

May 11 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 10 May 2020

1. The ISIS attack in the Jurf al-Nasr region in the north of Babel province, was repelled by Hashad al-Shaabi. 2. Two ISIS members were killed by Hashd al-Shaabi snipers in the Ain Layla region in the al-Azim area (located in northeast of Diyala province). 3. The ISIS members attack and infiltration in the Biji600 region, was failed by Iraqi forces. 4. During the operation in the Salah al-Din province, the Iraqi forces started the clearing and inspecting of the Tigris River and its surrounding regions. 5. Restarting the protests in the Baghdad, Basrah, Najaf and other provinces. Clashes in …

May 10 2020

Iraq: The first decisions of Mustafa al-Kadhimi

Al-Kadhimi in his statements said that the he gave the order for releasing all the protesters which were arrested in the recent events, except those whose hands are stained with the blood of people of Iraq. Also he gave the order for creating a headquarter comprised of experts for negotiating with America about a review on the strategic agreement between the two country. He also in a probably odd action! reinstated Abdel-Wahab al-Saadi in the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (ICTS). He stated that “We decided to bring back our hero brother brigadier Abdel-Wahab al-Saadi to Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service and promote him …

May 9 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 9 May 2020

The latest news of the clashes between ISIS and Iraqi forces is so: – Terrorist explosion in Ain al-Jahsh region in the south of Mosul. – ISIS second attack repelled in Sharqat, outskirts of Hawijah and villages of Makhmur area by Iraqi forces. – The Iraqi forces killed two ISIS suicide bombers in the al-Anbar desert. – During an ISIS roadside bomb explosion in the Sheikhi Sharqi village in Diyala province, one of the Anti Terrorism Organization forces was martyred and several others wounded. – The union police forces killed two of ISIS members in the al-Rashad region in the …

May 8 2020

I’m the Prime Minister of the Hard Times!

Mustafa al-Kadhimi attracted the attention of most of groups (except parties of State of Law Coalition led by Nouri al-Maliki, al-Wataniah led byAyad Allawi, al-Aghd al-Watani led by Falih Al-Fayyadh, etc.), after extensive consultations with different parties and coalitions.According to the Iraqi parliament agreement, the parliament early election should held in the spring of 2021 and the major goal of Mustafa al-Kadhimi temporary government should be this issue.Mustafa al-Kadhimi faces with other problems such as the oil selling, the ISIS returning, the Resistance conflict with the US, the fighting with Corona, attracting the protesters attention, corruption and so on; and …

May 7 2020

Mustafa al-Kadhimi is Iraq’s new PM finally!

Last night’s session started with 255 MPs and from 21 ministries, 15 got vote of confidence and four ministers did not get enough votes and voting for two ministries foreign affairs and oil postponed to next session.It is noteworthy that MPs of State of Law Coalition left the parliament before the session started to oppose Mustafa al-Kadhimi. FORUM

May 5 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 5 May 2020

Clashes between ISIS and Iraqi forces continue in the northern and western regions of this country.The latest news of these clashes are so:– Iraqi forces completely cleared the Mukeishifah region in the north of Samarra and west of the Dijlah river from ISIS terrorists. – Killing 3 of ISIS terrorists and martyring 4 of Hashd al-Ashaeri forces during the clashes in Gheedah region in the south of Kirkuk. – During Hashd al-Shaabi attacks on al-Madham region in the west of al-Anbar province, 5 of ISIS terrorists were killed – Heavy clashes between Hashd al-Shaabi and ISIS terrorists in the al-Saeedat …

May 5 2020

Latest updates on Iraq, 4 May 2020

– SANA media claimed that ISIS prisoners were moved from Hasakah prison to Iraq by Americans. – Two suicide bombers exploded in a mosque in Mudam village, west of Hadithah and 160 km west of Rammadi. – Hashad Sha’abi expelled ISIS attack to Ayth area, east of Salah al-Din province. Two ISIS terrorists killed and one of Hashad Sha’abi forces martyred. – Due to ISIS suicide attack in Jurf al-Nasr area, north of Babil province, a Hashad Sha’abi troop injured. – ISIS bombed Hashad al-Ashaeri forces in Abdu village by Katyusha. – Iraq’s intelligence arrested an important ISIS terrorist in …