Jul 27 2020

Military Knowledge: Air-to-surface missile “Akhgar”

It has a microjet engine with 600 km/h and a 7 kg warhead. The missile enjoys a “Fire-and-forget” guidance system and has a 30 km range. The main drawback is the optical seeker that only works in clear daylight conditions. The error of the missile was reported to be 1 m. The operational condition is unknown and it seems to be only loaded on “Kaman 12” drone. Specifications:Weight: 27 kgWarhead weight: 7 kgRange: 30 kmMax speed: 600 km/hLength: 1.7 mDiameter: 13 cmGuidance: optical FORUM

May 13 2020

Military Knowledge: Ghadir Cruise Missile + Images

The Ghadir cruise missile with the speed of 0.9 mach and range of 300/km can destroy enemy navy targets with high explosion power and precision and similar to other missiles in its grade like Nour and Qader can be launched from shore and while floating, which gives it a great operational mobility and flexibility makes it a great option for Iran’s navy missile defense system against the existing threats across the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman. The Ghadir missile compared to other of its recent generation missiles, have been upgraded greatly.New engine and range extensionNew radar antenna and range …