Apr 8 2020

Third Russia-Turkey joint patrol in M4 with failure!

Today’s patrol, like the previous two, was very limited and only a few km away from west of Saraqeb and militia blocked the highway thus the patrol stopped. For the third time militia violated the safe zone in M4 practically. In recent days more reinforcement were deployed by Syrian army to the region, on the other hand. Although some media consider it as a sign for Syrian army operation in Idlib area but it is still too soon to judge. It seems these movements are more to stabilize the positions in south of Idlib. FORUM

Mar 6 2020

New ceasefire in Idlib; impossible?!

The ceasefire is enforced from 00:01 of 6 March in Idlib area and both sides are obliged to obey it. It includes three main parts:1. All fights to be ceased along current front lines from midnight 6 March 2. Russia and Turkey will make a six km wide security corridor north and south of M4 highway (Saraqib-Latakia).3. From 15 March there will be joint Turkish-Russian patrols along M4. This agreement is announced while Erdogan’s demands were totally different before the meeting, which clearly shows Erdogan’s retreat from his stances. In the following, we will discuss some important points about the …

Mar 4 2020

Map: Latest Military Situation in Northwest Syria

In Aleppo province after the liberation of strategic areas on the west of Aleppo city, the battle has subsided and liberated areas are stabilized, it seems Turkey’s militants do not have intention to open new front. In Idlib province however the situation is very different. The battle is continuing between Syrian army and terrorists in southwest of Idlib in areas Zawiyah mountain and east of Idlib in Saraqib.In recent days and after Saraqib’s control was passed between the army and militants several times, some of the villages and heights of southwest of Idlib were occupied by terrorists but Syrian army …

Feb 29 2020

Image: Saraqib under heavy airstrikes


Feb 28 2020

Breaking: Turkish troops killed in Idlib

It should be noted that hours ago, a number of Hezbollah forces were martyred in the Turkish air strikes on the positions of the Syrian army in Idlib province. FORUM

Feb 27 2020

Erdogan: Three Turkish troops died in Idlib

No details were released, but the three are likely to be linked to yesterday’s air strikes on a Turkish military convoy in the south of Idlib province. It was announced yesterday that two Turkish troops were killed in the bombing, however the third person appears to have died as result of serious injuries. Two Turkish troops killed in Idlib FORUM

Feb 27 2020

Map: Militants captured Afis, SAA the whole Zawiya mountain!

With the advances that took place, Zawiya mountain actually came under the Syrian army control and the Turkish observation post at Sher Moghar will soon be completely besieged by the Syrian army. Most part of al-Ghab Plain is also considered militarily liberated. The initiative in this axis is still in the hands of the Syrian Army; the Syrian Army can continue advances along the al-Ghab Plain to the north to cut the M4 highway, or directly into the depths of Arbaein mountain, and by simultaneously moving from the Nayrab axis, scissors the militants in Arbaein mountain or a combination of …

Feb 23 2020

Latest Map of Fronts in Syria until 22 February 2020;

Northwest of Syria Syrian army started its great operation “Dawn of Idlib” from 3 May 2019 in northwest of Syria in Idlib and until 30 August 2019 vast and important areas were liberated in southwest of Idlib and northwest of Hama provinces. The operation took four months and ten days and important cities such as Qalaat al-Madiq, Kafr Nabuda, Lataminah, Morek and Khan Sheikhun were reclaimed by Syrian army. In overall, the operation was performed in two stages; in the first stage north of Hama and some areas in south of Idlib and in the second stage, with advances in …

Feb 23 2020

Photos of Turkish troops killed in Idlib

They were killed due to Russian warplanes airstrikes to Turkish tanks near Saraqib supporting Tahrir al Sham terrorists attacking Syrian army positions in Nayrab axis. Video: Hunting down terrorists and Turkish tanks in Idlib!

Feb 22 2020

Video: Hunting down terrorists and Turkish tanks in Idlib!

One of the highlights of the clip is the targeting of Turkish Sabra tanks that were providing artillery support for terrorists on the Nayrab axis. Targeting Turkish tanks and releasing its images is a clear message from the Syrian and Russian military against Turkish aggression. Turkish forces also yesterday in a desperate attempt tried to target a Russian Sukhoi aircraft from the Qaminas village with MANPAD which was failed. Download video

Feb 20 2020

Breaking: Turkish-backed groups with the support of Turkish army have launched attacks on the village of Nayrab in the Idlib province

The Turkish artillery also bombed Syrian army positions in the city of Saraqib.

Feb 18 2020

Map: Investigation of the latest military situation in the Idlib region and the progress of the Syrian Army

1. What happened in Russia-Turkey talks?Russians stated in the negotiation that Turkey did not obliged to Sochi agreement regarding differentiate between terrorists and opposition groups and built several new observation posts and deployed extensive force to Idlib. Russia considers the operation fighting the terrorism but did not close the negotiations and try to force the new conditions upon Erdogan. Erdogan, on the other hand, started being unreasonable, threatened Syria and condemned Russia’s and Iran’s support for the operation. 2. Continuation of Syrian Army and allies operation:Syrian Army and allies could so far liberate about 2,000 km2 in west of Aleppo …

Feb 11 2020

Video: Syrian Army helicopter shot down in Idlib

It is not clear yet if Turkey targeted it or Tahrir al Sham. However, according to Syrian officials, four Syrian military servicemen were martyred in the incident.

Feb 10 2020

Map: Latest military situation in the northwest of Syria, 10 February 2020

With the liberation of the Kafr Halab area and its heights, another major route for terrorists between the Idlib city and western Aleppo areas was cut off. Currently the Syrian Army liberated almost half of Idlib province from the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical groups. Syrian Army advances in Idlib region continues while Turkey threatens Syria to retreat from newly liberated areas in Idlib province, otherwise Turkey will go to war with Syria! Following the escalation of tensions between Turkey and Syria, the Turkish Army targeted Syrian Army positions near the Saraqeb from Taftanaz airport, and the Syrian army …

Feb 10 2020

Latest news on the tense situation of Idlib; sending Turkish troops to Idlib + Video

According to available evidence, Turkey has sent more than 1450 armored vehicles, tanks, personnel and military equipment into Idlib and Aleppo province. It should be noted that the number of Turkish troops currently deployed in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo has reached to at least 6,000. Also, according to pro-militant media, six Turkish troops were killed as a result of today’s retaliation attacks by the Syrian Army on the positions of militants in the Taftanaz airport in Idlib province. However, Turkish officials have reported the deaths of five Turkish troops. The situation in the province of Idlib is very …

Feb 10 2020

Breaking: 5 Turkish troops killed in Idlib’s Taftanaz

One of the Turkish military posts is located at Taftanaz Airport.