Jun 6 2021

Yemen: Two ships carrying fuel arrived at Al-Hudaydah port

One of the two ships is the “Princess Khadijeh” ship, which was carrying 28,378 tons of diesel and arrived in the port of Al-Hudaydah after a six-month seizure by the Saudi coalition. Another ship was carrying 24,000 tons of fuel oil. According to Ammar al-Azrai, CEO of the Yemeni Oil Company, the two ships were fined 4 billion Yemeni riyals, which will increase the price of imported fuel. He also stated that oil company workers held demonstrations in front of the UN office in Sanaa in recent days to protest the Saudi coalition-led piracy which are taking place with the …

Feb 28 2021

The Saudi coalition killed a child and a woman in Al-Hudaydah!

Following last night’s Ansar Allah operation against Saudi coalition positions, a few hours ago, coalition aircraft launched three airstrikes on the al-Rabsa neighborhood in al-Hudaydah, killing five people, including a child and a woman and wounding several others. FORUM

May 31 2020

Yemen: Ansar Allah and Saudi coalition engagement south of al-Hudaydah

It intensified by Saudi coalition air striking Beit Maghazi village, which is obvious violation of ceasefire, and ground battle continued so far in north and west of Hays.Ansar Allah advanced in west of Hays and blocked west of Hays road for hours.Considering the current situation, reclaiming Hays town is not difficult for Ansar Allah and in case of Sweden agreement abolished it can happen shortly. FORUM

May 26 2020

Latest updates on Yemen, 25 May 2020

1. Yemeni armed forces spokesperson:Enemy warplanes performed 48 air strikes including 9 to Majzar district, 6 to al Jawf province, 15 to Haradh and Abas in Hajjah province, and 18 to areas Marran, Malahit and Baqim in Saadah province. 2. Saadah:Saudi coalition warplanes attacked Marran area main road martyred three civilians and injured several. 3. Marib:– AnsarAllah conflict with Saudi coalition in Jufrah front and north of Raghwan district. The fire exchange has subsided and Ansar Allah doesn’t have intention to advance in these axes.– Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Jufrah front two times. 4. Al Hudaydah:Saudi coalition forces violated ceasefire …

May 14 2020

Latest Updates on Yemen, 14 May 2020

1. Al-Baydha:– Clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led coalition forces continue in the Qaniyah front, in the al-Wahabiyah, Khadar al-Arja and Aruq Mas’udah (overlooking on the Radman-Qaniyah road) areas.Ansar Allah has released the images of clashes in recent days in this front.– Saudi coalition warplanes struck the Ansar Allah positions in the Qaniya front 10 times. 2. Al-Hudaydah:In the past 24 hours, Saudi coalition forces have violated the ceasefire in this province 71 times. 3. Abdul Qadir Murtadha, the head of Yemeni rescue government prisoners committee, informed of the exchanging and releasing of 14 Ansar Allah captives. 4. Al-Jawf:The Saudi …

Apr 26 2020

Latest Updates on Yemen, 26 April 2020

1. Yemeni armed forces spokesman:– Our forces repelled the enemy attack in the Raghwan district in the Marib province.– During the past 24 hours, enemy warplanes carried out 18 airstrikes (including 13 attacks on Sarwah district, 4 attacks on Majzar district and one attack on Kataf district) on the Marib and Saadah provinces. 2. The Yemeni oil company confirmed releasing the Fali ship by the Saudi coalition. This ship carries more than 12,000 tons of gasoline and arrived to its destination, Al Hudaydah, after 42 days of detention in the Jizan port. 3. Dhale:Ansar Allah fired two Zilzal rockets on …

Apr 23 2020

Latest Updates on Yemen, 23 April 2020

1. The spokesman for the Yemen Armed Forces:– The number of enemy’s offense and operations from April 17 until now is 25, and during past two weeks is 57.– The enemy aircraft in the past week performed 253 airstrikes against Ma’rib, Al-Jawf, Al-Baydha provinces, and nearly 500 airstrikes in the past two weeks. 2. Ma’ribDuring the offense of Saudi-led coalition on the eastern axis of Al-Jawf crossroad, hospital and Al-Jufra area, Ansar Allah lost control over these regions and now those locations are under the control of Saudi-led coalition. However the Al-Jufra base (north of Al-Jufra) is under the control …

Mar 8 2020

Saudi Attack to Al-Hudaydah

According to Sweden agreement, Ansar Allah revoked its forces from the region, these airstrikes are clear violation of the ceasefire and probably Ansar Allah will answer hard. According to latest information, Saudi coalition warplanes targeted the harbor six times. FORUM