Jun 13 2020

Investigating The Kashmiris Parties and Armed Groups

Kashmir parties divide into two categories:1. Political parties2. Jihadi militias. 1. Political parties divide into three subcategories:A) Parties endorsing annexation to India with mainly nationalism and secularism ideologies.They include:– Jammu & Kashmir National Conference party under leadership of Dr. Farooq Abdullah who believe Kashmir is part of India but should be self-goverend.– Indian National Congress party which is not very far from Jammu & Kashmir National Conference party and have less popularity. B) Parties which want independence, including:– Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front under leadership of Yasin Malik was established in 1965 and its members reside in both India and Pakistan. …

Jun 9 2020

Latest updates on Kashmir 8 June 2020

1. Due to engagement between Indian soldiers and Kashmiri militia in Shopian town, south of Srinagar, nine militia and four Indian soldiers were killed.Indian police announced the killed militia members of Hizbul Mujahideen. (images) 2. Police reported of killing a commander of a militant group in Anantnag town, southeast of Srinagar. 3. Since beginning of 2020 so far 94 inhabitants of Jamu and Kashmir were killed by Indian soldiers, from which 32 were militants and 19 civilians. 4. Indian warplanes flight sorties increased over Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir. 5. Kashmiri militia threw grenades toward Indian soldiers station in …