May 22 2021

Afghanistan: Taliban Captured the Jalriz District + Images

Clashes in Jalriz district have intensified since March 27, following the insecurity of the Maidan Shahr-Behsud road by the Taliban, and after that, the army operation in this district intensified on March 30. The Taliban operation finally ended without result on April 1, until Taliban attacks intensified in recent days And army checkpoints in the Jalriz city fell, and Dareh Sanglakh, the army’s last stronghold in Jalriz, fell to the Taliban on May 20. The continuous Taliban attacks in Jalriz led to a complete retreat and the surrender of the army to the Taliban. An unknown number of people were …

Mar 25 2021

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 25 March 2021

1- Maidan WardakSecurity forces launched an operation to search people’s homes to find Alipour and his forces in Hesa Awal Behsood district. The news of Behsud is limited due to the government pressure. 2- NangarharIssuing a statement ISIS claimed to kill six of the army soldiers by attacking their car in first district of Jalalabad. 3- KunarDue to Pakistan army rocket attack to Afghanistan border, one soldier died and one wounded. 4- QandaharArmy and Taliban conflict continues in Arghandab district. No significant change in the front lines recently. The only news is that air force warplanes bomb Taliban positions and …