May 31 2021

Afghanistan: Taliban attack on northwestern districts bordering Iran

Some areas of the district have been occupied by Taliban yesterday and some roads are cut and some surrounding areas are occupied, according to the latest updates. The electricity of the city is out and the conflict is high in the market. Air force warplanes raided several positions if Taliban and Army’s tanks retreated from the market. Taliban on the other hand shelled Army positions in the district.There are no casualty report from either side and it is said that three civilians are wounded recently and brought to the hospital. Ghourian district is in the west of Herat province and …

May 25 2021

Fire at the Afghan-Iranian border crossing again! + Video

According to the latest news from the Abu Nasr Farahi border crossing, a fire broke out in the bazaar and customs of Mil 78 and 2 fuel tankers were completely burnt. Currently, with the help of the Fire Department of South Khorasan Province in Iran, this fire has been contained and the cause and damages of this incident are still being investigated. The fire is said to have taken place after the Khorasan branch of ISIS threatened oil stations in Afghanistan. Some local officials also attributed the accident to the overturning of one of the tankers. Fire at Abu Nasr …

Mar 13 2021

Afghanistan: Terrorist explosion in Herat

More than 10 people, including three children and five women have been killed and more than 70 injured in the terrorist attack that took place last night.The death toll from the blast is rising and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. تصاویری از انفجار تروریستی هرات FORUM

Jun 6 2020

Israel and IRGC Hidden Battle in Afghanistan

According to Veterans Today website, Israeli forces present in airbases Shindand in Herat province and Farah in west of Afghanistan since 2004 to train Afghanistan police and fighting narcotics.They are a unit of almost 90 personnel of Israeli special unit Matkal who were probably dispatched under CIA cover .Matkal unit was established from Asian, African and Arabian Jews and mainly spy for Zionist regime in west of Asia.These forces are said to suffer casualties due to Taliban rocket attack to these bases and left the bases. Israeli forces presence in Afghanistan only means to use it against Iran. Afghan analysts …