Apr 28 2020

Image: Liberation operation of al-Labanat base and eastern areas of al-Hazm city

After the falling of al-Labanat base, the Saudi coalition forces attacked several times on this axis that were failed, and finally, Ansar Allah positions were stabilized in these areas after April 10th. FORUM

Apr 2 2020

Map: Ansar Allah’s operation goals in Marib province

Saudi coalition to control fronts al-Jawf, Nihm and west of Marib expanded some bases in these areas and added applications such as training, intelligence, logistics and command units. Saudi coalition in these areas, i.e., western parts of al-Jawf and Marib provinces, has seven bases as follows: 1. Al-Labanat base: After liberation of Hazm town, Saudi coalition forces took position there and on March 31 when Ansar Allah’s attacks started to east of Hazm, Saudi coalition defense line collapsed in areas Sayl and Andar and the coalition forces to retreat extensively from these areas including al-Labanat base. The base locates 50 …

Mar 11 2020

Map: Latest military Situation on the Najran – Hazm fronts, 11 March 2020

– Al-Hazm front– Al-Mahashamah front– Al-Yatmah front– Al-Ajasher front– Al-Boqa’ front On the al-Hazm front, with the liberation of the al-Hazm town and continuation of operations by AnsarAllah and Popular Committees in the depths of the eastern deserts of al-Hazm to the important al-Labanat military base, the Saudi coalition effectively lost its leverages for further and possible future operations toward Saadah and Amran provinces; and even more importantly, the security of the Saudi coalition positions in the Marib province declined sharply.Currently, Ansar Allah operation continues on the north axis of the al-Labanat base, and with the completion of advances on …

Mar 5 2020

Map: Latest Updates on Jawf Battles, 4 March 2020

Clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continue in the Sayl area and mount Andar and near al-Labanat and to exert more pressure on Saudi coalition in al-Labanat base, Ansar Allah reclaimed Maraziq and mount Labnah Aliyah. Ansar Allah entering Raghwan and Madghal districts cannot be confirmed yet and Ansar Allah’s control over al-Labanat base, Sayl and heights al-Aqsha’ and al-Barsh is not correct so far. In the map, in addition to southwest of al Jawf, Marib situation is also shown. Situation in Marib province has not changed in recent weeks and Ansar Allah’s focus is on southwest of al …

Mar 2 2020

Latest Updates on al-Jawf Battles

Today, some Saudi coalition media claimed recapturing the al-Hazm and with postponing the announcement by Brigadier Gen. Yahya Sari’, spokesman of Yemeni Armed Forces about the recent advances, fake news of coalition media were increased. According to the latest news and based on our sources in the area, Ansar Allah has attacked to eastern desert of al-Jawf, after liberating the al-Jarr and surrounding villages, and so far they have succeeded to clean all of the north east heights of al-Hazm including the al-Zawira, Rawah, al-Jamrah, and al-Lawz Mountains, and the al-Seel, Wadi Raak, and al-Nadar areas. Now, the Clashes are …

Mar 2 2020

Ansar Allah advances east of Hazm

Clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continue in the area and Ansar Allah trying to capture more villages such as Saed, Anba and Marqaah.According to local reports, Al-Akimi the governor of al-Jawf (appointed by Hadi) lost another son in the recent days clashes. Now he escaped to Marib… FORUM

Mar 1 2020

Map: AnsarAllah liberated Hazm town from Saudi coalition

After liberating al-Ghayl district and recent days engagements in axis west, north and south of al-Hazm, Saudi coalition defense line collapsed in west and south of al-Hazm and Ansar Allah liberated the town in the morning completely.Mansour Hadi’s resigned government and Saudi coalition forces are running away toward Marib and Ansar Allah chased them until six km toward east of al-Hazm. According to our field source the name of areas liberated are as follows:Town and airport of al-Hazm, districts al-Ghayl and Khalaq, areas Jaroub and Harashif in al-Motun district, Hayjah, Qaran Shihat, and areas to al-Jarr.It is noteworthy that during …

Mar 1 2020

Latest Updates on al-Hazm battles

Last night, Ansar Allah targeted the Saudi coalition positions in al-Hazm with several missiles.Saudi coalition fighter jets have also attacked the districts of al-Motun and al-Ghayl 17 times in the past 24 hours. FORUM

Feb 29 2020

Saudi coalition commander killed in AnsarAllah missile strike

The photo shows Sheikh al-Akimi (governor of Jawf assigned by resigned government) and Saudi coalition commanders in al-Hazm. These forces entered al-Hazm with a lot of equipment to confront Ansar Allah.Thos who killed in AnsarAllah missile attack are crossed in the image. Their name and rank will be reported after confirmation. FORUM

Feb 29 2020

Map: Latest Military Situation in al-Hazm Axis, Jawf 28 February 2020

According to our sources in the area, yesterday’s attacks by Ansar Allah on the southern axis of al-Hazm town, the center of al-Jawf province, led to the complete liberation of al-Ghayl village, the center of al-Ghayl district and the villages of al-Adhaba, al-Shalaq, al-Matalee and al-Ashah. Saudi warplanes also bombed Sadba and al-Ghayl areas eight times yesterday. On the other hand, Ansar Allah targeted the Saudi coalition positions in al-Hazm and a Saudi coalition headquarters in Marib with drones and missiles.Currently, clashes continue in the al-Salamat and the village of Zilan and also in the northern axis of al-Hazm, clashes …

Feb 27 2020

Latest updates on al-Jawf battles, 26 February 2020

Today’s attacks were in three axes:1- Rawd to Salamat crossroad2- Shqawaq to Adhbah3- North of Wadi Yibar So far no updates on stabilizing the advances of Ansar Allah but some sources claimed Ansar Allah liberated Rawd, Adhbah, Quwayhish and Nobat Saber.Saudi coalition warplanes raided these areas more than 21 times today which is an indication of severity of battle in Ghyal and north of Majzar (Marib province) front. Saudi coalition deployed a large convoy of reinforcement and equipment from Marib to Hazm which show’s coalition’s determination to prevent fall of Hazm.It should be noted that the report by Muhammed al-Arab, …

Feb 24 2020

Latest Updates on Battles in Jawf province, Yemen

The northern front of al-Hazm:According to our field sources, following the heavy clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led coalition forces in al-Hazm area, Ansar Allah has been successful to clean the Harab mountain and Shahla in the north of al-Hazm town.Currently, only Sadba mountain and al-Qarn are under control of Saudi-led forces. (However, we have not received any images or video in this regard yet.)Also the source added that the tribes of western districts of al-Jawf province have been mobilized to reinforce the Ansar Allah movement and confronting with Saudi-led forces.On the other hand, yesterday the extensive auxiliary forces for …

Feb 20 2020

Ansar Allah advance southwest of al-Jawf province

According to our sources, after several days of fighting in the al-Ghyil front, this district has been completely liberated from the the Saudi-led coalition forces. (Progress will be showed by map after final approval.)Also during the clashes, one of the main commanders of the Saudi-led coalition forces in al-Jawf, “Sadiq Amin al-Kimi” (image) was killed by Ansar Allah.He is the son of Sheikh Amin Ali al-Akimi, the governor of al-Jawf province. (appointed by the resigned government of Mansour Hadi). Ansarullah negotiated with Sheikh al-Akimi to leave the Saudi coalition front and unite with Ansar Allah before the clashes, but he …

Feb 17 2020

Latest updates on Jawf front, 17 February 2020

North of Hazm: Ansar Allah after repelling Saudi coalition from Aqabah and Wadi Kharab, expanded their attacks to mount Rayhan(overlooking Hazm Jawf area road), mount Shahla and Kharab. According to latest information by our local source, Ansar Allah liberated mount Rayhan and engagement to reclaim mounts Shahla and Kharab is continuing. Ghayl axis:Saudi coalition led forces under aerial support defend firmly, however Ansar Allah could cleanse Maqati’ heights in this district. Engagements continuing in other fronts and in case of stabilizing advances you will be informed by detailed map.

Feb 13 2020

Yemen: AnsarAllah attack in north of Hazm axis

Cleaning process of mounts Shahla and Kharab is continuing. By cleaning these areas, Hazm airport and the only road from Hazm to Saudi coalition occupied lands in northern Yemen will be under Ansar Allah fire. Geographic confirmation of Ansar Allah presence in Wadi Kharab area north of al-Hazm Coordinates: 16.3097603, 44.8662758

Feb 11 2020

Latest Updates on Yemen, 11 February 2020

1. Jawf:– Ansar Allah cleaned Aqabah mount and Wadi Kharab in north of Hazm from Saudi coalition. (Images)– Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Wadi Kharab two times. 2. Mahdi al-Mashat, head of Yemen’s high political council, and Abdulsalam, spokesperson and chief negotiator of Ansar Allah, send congratulations to officials and people of Iran for the anniversary of Islamic Revolution. 3. Saadah: – Ansar Allah shot down a spy drone of Saudi coalition in Malahit area, north of Saadah. – Ansar Allah ambush to Saudi coalition forces in Ajasher desert and Marba Shajar. Some Saudi coalition forces killed and injured. 4. Al …

Feb 8 2020

Analyzing the process of Yemen war in recent months

Simultaneous with statements of Yemeni armed forces spokesman that called this year as the year of air defense and victory, the advances and offensive operations of Ansar Allah in the north of Dhale’, north of Saadah and now the operation of Bonyan Al Marsous (in the Nihm, west of Marib and Jawf) are done that is led to realizing the victory of Ansar Allah against Saudi coalition. As we have seen in recent months, Ansar Allah has started the advancing and cleaning the sensitive and important regions, after developing its missile, drone and air defense power.The operation for pushing back …

Feb 7 2020

Breaking: Ansar Allah Advance in Southern al-Hazm

Engagements are continuing to liberate Ghayl district completely. Full control of Ghayl is the main step to claim Hazm.