Mar 7 2021

Aftermath of Russian missile strikes on illegal oil reservoirs in Aleppo

Satellite imagery shows that the Russian missile attacks using Tochka missiles on illegal oil reservoirs and fuel tankers on March 5 caused widespread fire and destruction of several fuel tankers. The militants blamed Russia for the missile strikes. A media close to the militants claimed in a report that Russian warships fired three missiles from the Mediterranean into illegal oil reservoirs in northern Aleppo. The attack reportedly destroyed more than 180 trucks and tankers, killing at least four people and injuring 24 others. FORUM

Mar 6 2021

Russian missile attack on illegal oil facilities in Aleppo

According to local sources, the Tarhin area, one of the main locations of illegal oil reservoirs and oil smuggling in the northern suburbs of Al-Bab, have targeted by three Russian ballistic missiles. The illegal oil reservoirs in the village of al-Hamran, northwest of Manbij, have also targeted by long-range missiles. The pro-militant media have cited the Hamimim base as the source of the missiles, while others have said that they were fired from a Russian ship in the Mediterranean. According to unofficial sources, these missiles were of the Alexander type. It should be noted that these areas is occupied by …