Jun 13 2020

Government economic team: All necessary measures are being taken to restore exchange rate to normal

Related Articles Damascus, SANA – The government economic team discussed the steps and procedures of the Central Bank of Syria to restore the exchange rate to its state before the recent unjustified fluctuations. During its meeting on Saturday, headed by The Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, the team confirmed its support for the Central Bank’s plan which involves taking all measures to restore the exchange rate to the way it was, with emphasis on maintaining strict control over the currency market and exchange firms. The team also decided to allow any citizen who transfers an amount of money in one branch …

Apr 9 2020

Iraqi President assigns Mustafa al-Kazemi with formation of new Iraqi government

Baghdad, SANA- Iraqi President Barham Salih assigned Mustafa al-Kazemi with formation of the new Iraqi government after apology of Adnan al-Zurfi. In a statement on Thursday, Salih said that he accepted al-Zurfi apology for forming the government, indicating that all Iraqi political parties agree on nomination of Al-Kazemi to head the government. The Iraqi President pointed out the challenges faced Iraq during the last few months, calling for intensifying the political and governmental work to overcome these challenges through real dialogues that maintain Iraq’s territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty.Hala Zain FORUM

Mar 29 2020

Government takes new measures for securing the markets’ basic needs

Damascus, SANA_ The Government team in charge of the national strategy to confront the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, on Saturday evening put the executive mechanism for the decision to restrict movement between provinces’ centers and rural areas. The team stressed that all decisions issued and measures adopted since the formation of the team until now exclude everything related to ensuring the continuity of the health sector and the production process in all areas and allowing the movement of the vehicles that carry oil derivatives, foodstuffs and supplies in a way that ensures the needs of the markets in all governorates. The …