Jun 2 2021

Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 1 June 2021

1- Herat:– Clashes between Taliban and the government forces continued in the town of Ghourian, with army warplanes and helicopters bombing Taliban positions. The casualties of the two sides in these clashes are not known, but 3 civilians reportedly were killed and more than 10 people were injured in these clashes.– Six government forces were killed by a roadside bomb blast on the outskirts of the Herat-Khaf railway in Ghourian. 2- Ghazni:“Mohammad Azim Muslim”, an ethnic leader in Ghazni, was assassinated by unknown gunmen. 3- Kunduz:Five Taliban prisoners were released during an army operation in the village of Qosh Tappeh. …

Jun 1 2021

Afghanistan: Conflict continues in Ghourian

According to the latest updates, most of the town is occupied by Taliban but the police HQ is still in the hand of government forces. Army’s helicopters and warplanes bombed the town several times. Photo: Taliban militants in the market of Ghourian. Afghanistan: Taliban attack on northwestern districts bordering Iran FORUM