Jun 2 2020

Latest Updates on Libya, 2 June 2020 (Map Update)

1. Tripoli:– GNA forces claimed to control Ramlah area in south of Tripoli.– GNA forces advanced in Khallat axis until Bin Aoun triangle.– LNA artillery struck Mitiga airport and Soq al-Juma.– GNA forces launched new wave of attacks on Tripoli airport from the north and west. 2. Gharyan:LNA warplanes struck GNA positions in Gharyan. It is said LNA operation in this axis will continue until occupying Gharyan.– Due to LNA air strikes to Gharyan, three people died.– GNA drones struck LNA positions in Asabeah. GNA spokesperson reported of targeting seven military vehicles and 12 soldiers of LNA in the Asabeah …