Jun 9 2021

Google is still censoring Gaza!

During the recent war, Israeli airstrikes caused extensive damage to schools, power lines, water and sewage, and the health system in Gaza. One of the main tools of researchers and journalists in assessing the extent of damage to an area is the use of satellite maps. But given the censorship of Gaza by companies like Google, this is difficult to do. Therefore, journalists and researchers have to turn to commercial satellite companies or meet their needs through other means to obtain these images. According to Google, satellite imagery on Google Maps is provided by various companies. Google claims it will …

May 21 2021

Video: Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad thanked Iran and the axis of resistance

Abu Hamza, spokesman for the Saraya Al-Quds Forces: “We are very grateful for the important role of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all the forces of the resistance who supported us with weapons, equipment and information and were a real supporter in strengthening the material and technical capabilities of the resistance. And I tell them that you are our partner in victory and, God willing, we will soon enter Al-Aqsa Mosque together victoriously.” Also Ismail Haniyeh, head of the political bureau of Hamas, in his speech today on the occasion of the victory of the Palestinian resistance in the …

May 21 2021

Twitter thread on the 11-day war in Gaza

#Palestine #Israel Conflict in #Jerusalem; Siege of Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli military + Images — IWN (@A7_Mirza) May 10, 2021 FORUM

May 21 2021

Ceasefire began in Palestine after 11 days!

This morning, as the ceasefire began at 2 a.m., hundreds of people took to the streets in various Palestinian cities to celebrate the victory. Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including the city of Jerusalem, celebrated the victory of the nation and the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist enemy. Minutes before the ceasefire began, an Israeli journalist criticising ceasefire wrote: “It is very strange that the Israeli settlements have been targeted by rockets for an hour, but we are counting down the hours until 2 am and the beginning of the ceasefire!” Conflict in Jerusalem; Siege …

May 18 2021

Israeli warship was hit by Hamas

After the incident, Zionist officials said that the warship was hit by Palestinian Resistance, and Qassam Brigades used an unmanned submarine. No casualties reported. Yedioth Ahronoth papers also claimed: Qassam Brigades hit a Zionist navy vessel using a suicide submarine in Gaza shores. However, Qassam Brigades claimed to attack an Israeli warship with several rockets. Attacking Israeli warships is unprecedented by Palestinian Resistance. The Resistance groups warned Zionists that if they continue assaulting Gaza people, they should be ready for surprises. FORUM

Jan 2 2021

Bombing 300 targets in Gaza Strip and 50 operations in Syria in 2020 by Israel

According to the report the Zionist air force performance is as follows:1,400 sorties of warplanes400 sorties of helicopters35 thousand hours flight of drones According to Hebrew media, 176 missiles fired from Gaza Strip to occupied lands and Zionist towns, 90% hit open and non residential areas. The Zionist Regime announced that they launched 50 operations against Syria including artillery and air strikes. 23 confirmed strikes by Zionist Regime are shown by ISWNews Analysis Group in the map. Click to see the full size map FORUM

Dec 31 2020

Video: “Strong Support” maneuver in Gaza

Despite a large presence of Israeli troops near the Gaza Strip border to challenge Palestinian groups, the Al-Rukn al-Shadid military exercise began on Tuesday morning and ended successfully at noon on Wednesday. The exercise was held with the participation of 13 military branches of the resistance groups under the command of the Joint Resistance Operations Room in the Gaza Strip According to information provided by the Joint Resistance Operations Room, the maneuver simulated and implemented various scenarios from north to south of the Gaza Strip in preparation for the enemy invasion. FORUM

Dec 27 2020

Anniversary of the 23-day Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip

On this day, dozens of Israeli fighter jets bombed various targets in Gaza, killing 200 people and wounding more than 700. The Israeli regime named this series of attacks “Cast Lead”. In response to the Israel attacks, the Palestinian resistance fired several rockets at the occupied territories, targeting the Zionists, calling the operation “Furqan.” The Israeli army and the Egyptian government have banned foreign journalists from entering the Gaza Strip since the start of the war, which caused widespread protests by international journalists.Accordingly, international reporters were forced to report from the heights overlooking the city of Gaza, which lies within …

Dec 26 2020

Palestine: Gaza Strip under Israeli strikes

According to Al-Quds News Network, Israeli fighter jets bombed several areas in the Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. Israeli fighter jets continued to carry out criminal attacks on the Gaza Strip, targeting a resistance watchtower east of Deir al-Balah, agricultural land east of Camp al-Bridge and several resistance bases in the center of the Gaza strip. Palestinian sources in the Gaza stated that Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza strip have caused extensive damage to the al-Darah Children’s Hospital and the Ministry of Social Development’s Disabled Rehabilitation Center in the al-Tafah neighborhood in eastern Gaza, killing a Palestinian child …

Feb 23 2020

Violent Night in Gaza!

The attacks mostly targeted the Palestinian Islamic Jihad bases in Gaza strip. At the same time, the movement’s positions were targeted in the Syrian capital, Damascus. It should be noted that the situation in the Gaza Strip has been tense after the martyrdom of one of the members of the Islamic Jihad and the Zionists insult to his body.Following this crime, al-Quds ‌Brigades, the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad targeted Zionist settlements with more than 30 rockets.

Feb 23 2020

Al-Quds Brigades Retaliation Against Israel

The sound of sirens continues to be heard in the settlements around Gaza, and the Zionists have opened shelters to the settlers.

Feb 20 2020

Islamic Jihad Secretary General: We will respond strongly to any assassination

Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ziad al-Nakhalah that was speaking in the national conference against the Deal of Century, added: Any moment, it’s possible that our fight will be changed from policy to military operation. Al-Nakhala said about the policy of Palestinian resistance leaders assassinations: These policies will not dissuade Palestinian people from their definite right and our nation will respond to any assassination operation fast, any new violation against Gaza strip will be faced with the response that is unprecedented.He added: The Zionist leaders threats don’t scare us and we will not accept what you have set, and the plan …