Jan 14 2021

Foreign Ministry: Syria condemns US accusations against Iran on supporting al-Qaeda terrorist organization

Damascus, SANA- Syria has strongly condemned the US false accusations against Iran on its support to al-Qaeda terrorist organization, expressing full solidarity and support to Iran in the face of the American delirium. An Official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA in a statement on Thursday that Syria expresses extreme denunciation and astonishment on the US administration’s accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its false allegations on Iran’s support to al-Qaeda terrorist organization which come in the framework of the US hysteric campaign against Iran. The source added that these US slanders have no longer …

Jan 13 2021

Foreign Ministry: Syria strongly condemns US unfair decision on adding Cuba back to list of states sponsoring terrorism

Damascus, SANA- An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Wednesday that Syria has strongly condemned the US unfair decision on adding Cuba back to list of states sponsoring terrorism. The American approach of imposing sanctions on the countries, which don’t match with the US policy and defend their sovereignty and national dignity, with the aim of subjugating them to the US hegemony is doomed to failure in front of the will of the free peoples and will not lead except to escalating tension on the international area, the source went on saying. More to follow.. FORUM

May 14 2020

Foreign Ministry makes explanation on return of Syrian citizens stranded abroad

Damascus, SANA- Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Thursday made an explanation regarding the instructions it has issued on the return of the Syrian citizens stranded abroad in light of the measures taken by most countries in the world to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, especially those related to border closure, and travel restrictions. In a statement in response to the inquires of some citizens, the Ministry said that registering of the names of those willing to return to Syria according to the instructions will be done at the Syrian embassies and consulates. The Ministry added that those who have …

May 6 2020

Cuban Foreign Ministry: US blockade on Cuba “criminal and inhuman”

Havana, SANA- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla condemned as “criminal and inhuman” the unfair siege imposed by the US on Cuba. Rodriguez indicated, in a tweet on twitter on Wednesday, the growing international demands to lift the US blockade imposed on his country, calling for lifting the unilateral coercive measures against the peoples and the countries which reject the western hegemony. He warned against the repercussions of the unfair siege imposed on Cuba and other countries in light of confronting the Coronavirus pandemic, hailing the international solidarity with his country in the face of this inhuman blockade. Hala Zain FORUM

Feb 6 2020

Moscow: Combating terrorism in Syria is it’s a sovereign right and duty

Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that combating terrorism in Syria is a govern right of the Syrian state whose duty is to eliminate its danger. In a statement on Thursday, the Ministry said that over the last period, the situation in the de-escalation-zone in Idleb has witnessed a dangerous tension as terrorists launched more than 1000 attacks last month which claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians and military personnel. The Ministry underlined that all those developments emphasize one thing which is the unacceptable increasing capabilities of terrorists and their escape from punishment, indicating that in light of these …

Feb 5 2020

Syria deplores Erdogan’s insistence on continuing to lie, mislead and evade in his acts in Syria

Damascus, SANA- Syrian Arab Republic deplored the insistence of President of the Turkish Regime on continuing to lie and mislead regarding his acts in Syria, affirming that his statements on Adana Agreement reemphasis his disrespect of any obligation or agreement whether in framework of Astana or Sochi understandings. “The Syrian Arab Republic deplores the insistence of the Turkish regime’s president Erdogan on continuing the lying and misleading regarding his acts in Syria, particularly his claim with regard to the entrance of his forces to northern Aleppo according to Adana Agreement on Combating Terrorism,” An official source at the Foreign and …