Feb 27 2021

Syria calls upon Security Council to immediately move to stop Washington from continuing its acts of aggression and crimes against its territories

Related Articles Damascus, SANA- Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Saturday called upon the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities and immediately move to stop the US acts of aggression on the Syrian territories and to prevent their repetition. The Ministry reiterated, in a letter addressed to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council with regard to Washington’s violation of the provisions of the international law and the UN Charter that this flagrant aggression is considered as one of series of US forces’ attacks under flimsy pretexts or shameful justifications which the officials of the US administration …

Jan 24 2021

Foreign Ministry: Syria strongly condemns US and Western blatant interference in Federal Russia’s internal affairs

Damascus, SANA- Syria has strongly condemned the US and Western blatant interference in the internal affairs of Federal Russia, pointing out that these behaviors show once again the state of hypocrisy which has become a distinctive characteristic of the Western policies, particularly when they talk about democracy and human rights. An Official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA in a statement on Sunday that the Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns the US and Western flagrant interference in the internal affairs of Federal Russia and the agitation campaign which aims at destabilizing it. The source added that these Western behaviors …

Feb 12 2020

Foreign Ministry: Threats by head of Turkish regime hollow, can be made only by a person separated from reality 

Damascus, SANA-  A Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has affirmed that the threats of head of the Turkish regime to attack soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army are hollow and they can be made only by a person who is separated from reality and who doesn’t understand the developments of the situation and the issues, and they only reflect ignorance. A Foreign and Expatriates Ministry official source said Wednesday that after the state of collapse of its terrorist organizations, which he supports, arms and trains, under the strikes of the Syrian Arab Army, and after exposing  his role as a tool …