Jul 6 2021

In Video: Motorcycle Exploded In Syria’s Hasakah, Wounding Civilians

Support SouthFront Source: North Press On July 5, a motorcycle exploded in Shaddadi city, in northeastern Hasakah province, wounding two civilians. The attack targeted the office of the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD), one of Kurdish opposition parties. “An explosion took place at 11 a.m., injuring two civilians and leaving material damage,” North Press correspondent said. Asayish, the Internal Security Forces of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were deployed on the spot. The reason for the explosion remains unknown. MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Jul 5 2021

In Video: Casualties Reported Bangkok Chemical Plant Blast

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On July 5, an explosion that occurred near Bangkok’s international airport has left a foam and plastic pallet manufacturing facility in flames, killing at least one firefighter and injuring 33 others, as rescue workers struggled to extinguish the blaze hours later. #05Jul | Momento exacto de la explosión en una fábrica de productos químicos cerca de — Diario El Siglo C.A (@elsiglocomve) July 5, 2021 TAILANDIA – Una explosión masiva en una fábrica de productos químicos en Sumut Prakan sacude el aeropuerto de Bangkok. El video muestra humo negro en aumento en …

Jul 4 2021

Footage: Dozens Killed In Philippines Military Plane Crash

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image UPDATE: According to the reports, the number of victims has risen to 31. The C-130 Hercules transport aircraft of the Philippine Air Force with 85 servicemen on board crashed a few kilometers from the Jolo Airport in Sulu Province at 11: 30 local time on July 4.  At least 29 soldiers were killed as a result of the accident. 40 soldiers were found injured and were taken to the hospital of the 11th Infantry Division in Busbus. Most of the passengers had recently graduated recently from basic military training and were being deployed …

Jun 21 2021

In Video: U.S. Naval Bombing Exercise Caused Earthquake In Florida

Support SouthFront Illustrative image The US Navy released footage that showed a bombing exercise of the U.S. Navy that was carried out on June 18.  The explosion of a 18,143 kilogram bomb​ was conducted underwater as part of a trial to test​ of USS Gerald R. Ford CVN78 Carrier. It was intended to show how durable ships are when confronted with a bombing.​​ The exercise took place off the coast of Florida. The explosion was so powerful that it caused a 3.9 magnitude earthquake roughly 160 kilometres away​.​ MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Jun 21 2021

In Video: Helicopter Carrying Ballot Boxes Crashed In Iran

Support SouthFront Illustrative image On June 19, a helicopter en route from the Ahmad Fadaleh area of Dezful crashed near Dezful, Iran.One of the passengers, who reportedly was a security guard, was killed and 11 others were injured in the accident. An Iranian Bell 214 helicopter carrying a ballot box crashed near Dezful on Saturday; One person was killed and 10 others were injured in the incident#BREAKING #news #bell214 #boeing #iran #accident #crash @JacdecNew — Aviationcenter_news (@Aviation_ir) June 20, 2021 The Bell 214A Isfahan helicopter belonging to the 2nd Assault Group was reportedly carrying ballot boxes. The accident took …

Jun 8 2021

Big Scandal: Emmanuel Macron Slapped In His Face

Support SouthFront On June 8, French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in his face by a man in a crowd during a visit to a small town in southeastern France. On the eve of the elections, he went to the French regions to speak with people. The video showing the incident was immediately spread on social media. The footage showed Emmanuel Macron walking up to a metal fence and clasping the arm of a man, greeting onlookers in the village of Tain-l’Hermitage, in the Drôme region of France.The man slapped the President reportedly yelling for the end of “Macronie” that …

Jun 8 2021

In Video: Taliban Reportedly Shot Down Afghan Mi-17 Helicopter

Support SouthFront On June 7, video emerged online reportedly showing an Afghan army Mi-17 helicopter that was shot down by Taliban forces in Daikundi province. Afghan officials are yet to confirm the loss of a helicopter. MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Jun 8 2021

U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan Half Complete, Taliban Gains Momentum (Photos, Videos)

Support SouthFront Source: ISWNews The US has completed more than 50% of the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to the US Central Command. The withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan started on May 1. Future updates on the withdrawal process will be less specific because of the “operational security reasons & to preserve force protection,” according to the CENTCOM statement. According to the CENTCOM reports, 500 S-17 military transport aircraft had already been removed from Afghanistan, while about 13 thousand units of American equipment were transferred for recycling. On May 7, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claimed that the alliance …

Jun 7 2021

In Video: First Ever Air-To-Air Refueling With MQ-25 Drone

Support SouthFront The U.S. Navy released a video showing an unmanned aircraft used in air-to-air refueling for the first time in history. On June 4, Boeing-owned MQ-25™ T1 test asset refueled another aircraft. During the test flight, the MQ-25 Stingray proved its ability to carry out its primary aerial refueling mission and successfully transferred jet fuel to a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet. Click to see full-size image The MQ-25 Stingray unmanned vehicle is designed for air refueling of carrier-based fighter-bombers F / A-18 Super Hornet and based on it EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft manufactured by Boeing, as well …

May 11 2021

In Videos (18+): Israel On Brink Of Civil War, As Chaos Rocks Gaza

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image Hundreds of rockets are targeting Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv. Most of rockets were intercepted by Israeli Iron Dome, but some of them targeted civilian areas in several cities, including the capital. One civilian was reportedly killed in Israeli Rimosh LeZion. The Israeli military asked residents of the central and southern parts of the country to hide in bomb shelters. The flight zone over Ben Gurion Airport was closed. A fuel storage facility is on fire in Ashkelon near the border with the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, clashes continue on the streets. The Mayor …

May 10 2021

In Videos (18+): 30 Rockets Launched Towards Israel, After Tel-Aviv Did Not Follow Ultimatum Of Hamas’ Armed Wing (UPDATED)

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image The armed wing of the Palestinian resistance group Hamas issued an ultimatum to Israeli authorities: to withdraw the police from the Temple Mount and the Sheikh Jarrah area in Jerusalem by 6 pm local time, as well as to release all Palestinians detained during the recent clashes. After the fixed time, militants of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group reportedly launched about 30 rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. Sirens were heard in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh.​ An ATGM targeted a civilian vehicle. One person was injured. The IDF claimed the interception of …

May 4 2021

In Videos (18+): Turkish Operations Against PKK Continue, Facing Fierce Resistance

Support SouthFront Screenshot On May 4th, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense has published videos of airstrikes on PKK terrorist targets in northern Iraq, where the Turkish Air Force is involved in two anti-terrorist operations Pençe-Şimşek and Pençe-Yıldırım. Irak kuzeyinde devam eden Pençe-Şimşek ve Pençe-Yıldırım operasyonları kapsamında belirlenen terörist mevzileri Hava Kuvvetlerimiz tarafından etkili şekilde vurularak imha ediliyor.#MSB #TSK — T.C. Millî Savunma Bakanlığı (@tcsavunma) May 3, 2021 “3 PKK / YPG terrorist Commandos who opened fire in the Euphrates Shield area with machine guns were neutralized by the response of our commandos. A shelter belonging to terrorists was …

May 3 2021

In Video: Militants Shot Down Myanmar Mi-35 Helicopter

Support SouthFront Illustrative image Militants of the “Kachin Independence Army” shot down a Soviet-made Mi-35 helicopter of the Myanmar Air Force in the city of Momauk, Kachin province. “They used jet fighters and helicopter gunships since eight this morning to attack our troops. Our troops fired back and this was how the helicopter was shot down,” said KIA spokesman Colonel Naw Bu. MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Apr 27 2021

Two Spanish Journalists, An Irish National Abducted In Burkina Faso (Photos)

Support SouthFront Illustrative Image Two Spanish journalists and an Irish national were abducted in eastern Burkina Faso on April 26. They disappeared alongside a Burkinabe soldier after an attack on an anti-poaching military unit in a national park in the east of the country, near the border with Benin. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez confirmed that two Spaniards were killed, naming the victims. Both were described as seasoned war journalists. They reportedly had histories of working in conflict zones in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. Se confirma la peor de las noticias. …

Apr 26 2021

In Video: Russia’s New ‘Satellite Killer Weapon” Nudol Successfully Test-Launched In Kazakhstan

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image On April 26, Russian military has successfully test-launched a new anti-ballistic missile A-235 PL-19 Nudol. The trial took place at the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan. According to Major General Sergei Grabchuk, commander of the anti-missile defence unit of the Aerospace Forces, the anti-ballistic missile accurately hit its target. A-235 PL-19 Nudol picked up speed of more than three kilometers per second. The defence shield aims to take out incoming enemy missiles at a range of up to 250 miles, and an altitude of 31 miles. 🇷🇺The #Russia|n military conducted a test launch …

Apr 26 2021

Happy Birthday To China’s Navy: Epic Video Showing Chinese Naval Might Released Online

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) released a video on the occasion of its the 72nd anniversary and the centenary of The Communist Party of China. On April 23, a solemn ceremony was held at the naval base in Sanya in China. Three major vessels were commissioned the PLAN South fleet. The destroyer “Dalian”, the landing helicopter dock “Hainan” and the strategic nuclear submarine Changzheng-18 were placed on active service. In addition to demonstration of the might of the Chinese fleet, the newly released video promotes such basic values as love for …

Apr 25 2021

In Video: Houthis Blowing Vehicles of Saudi-Backed Forces

Support SouthFront Screen grab from the Houthis’ video. The Houthi-affilated media outlet “Yemen Wrath” released fresh combat footage showing operations of Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis) against coalition-led forces in Yemen. The footage shows the engineering unit carrying out IED attacks against several vehicles of Saudi-backed forces in Asir and Al-Jawf fronts and inflicting human and material losses. MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Apr 20 2021

Satellite Imagery Unveiled Target Of Recent Attack On US Forces In Iraqi Erbil

Support SouthFront Click to see full-size image The Twitter account @obretix that is specialized in geospatial IT published satellite images that showed the destruction after the attack on the US military base at Erbil airport. The attack was carried out on April 14 by a kamikaze drone. More photos showing the attack on April 14 emerged online: Click to see full-size image Click to see full-size image Click to see full-size image MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Apr 15 2021

Video Proving ISIS Executed Foreigners In Mozambique Appeared Online

Support SouthFront The video emerged online allegedly showing the executed bodies of foreigners, who were taken hostage in the Mozambican city of Palma during the assault at the end of March. During the storming of the town in Mozambique, the terrorists occupied the Amarula hotel, where citizens from Great Britain, South Africa and other states stated, while working in the local international Total gas project. Some residents were evacuated by the Dyck Advisory Group, Exercitus Group and GardaWorld. Others were captured by radical Islamists. MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Apr 13 2021

New Houthi Video Of Sniper Attacks On Saudi-Led Forces In Yemen

Support SouthFront The Houthi-affilated media outlet “Yemen Wrath” released fresh combat footage showing operations of Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis) against coalition-led forces in Yemen. The footage shows the sniper operations against Saudi-led forces in different Yemeni fronts that were carried out on April 12. MORE ON THE TOPIC: Support SouthFront FORUM

Mar 9 2021

Kiev Sends Trains Full Of Heavy Military Equipment To Donbass (Video)

Donate While all the independent media are claiming a military reinforcement in Eastern Ukraine, trying to draw the attention of the international community to the upcoming escalation, Ukrainian cargo trains full of tanks are calmly moving towards the front line. In recent days, a number of videos showing Ukrainian military equipment moving towards the Donbass front lines emerged online. Cargo trains are delivering military trucks, tanks as well as ambulance cars. The following train was reportedly spotted moving from Militopil towards Volnovaha village, south of Donetsk: According to the observers of the LPR representative office in the JCCC, in contradiction …

Dec 25 2020

Satellite Images: Alleged Missiles Assembly Facilities Destroyed By Recent Israeli Strike On Sirya

Donate Israeli intelligence firm ImageSat International (ISI), has released the satellite images showing the aftermath in Syrian Masyaf region, Hama governorate, after the recent Israeli strikes on December 25. The satellite images show surface-to-surface missiles (SSM) engines, warheads assembly and production facilities. Click to see full-size image Click to see full-size image Click to see full-size image Earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) claimed that the strikes hit positions held by Iran-backed militias in the Masyaf district: a research center, where surface-to-surface missiles are developed and stored. There were also reports that the al-Talae’ training camp in Sheikh …

Apr 20 2020

In Videos: Armed Forces Hold Drills All Across Russia Despite COVID-19 Outbreak

Donate A screenshot from the video The Russian Defense Ministry continues holding its planned military drills all across Russia despite the COVID-19 outbreak. [embedded content] [embedded content] [embedded content] [embedded content] [embedded content] MORE ON THE TOPIC: Donate FORUM

Apr 20 2020

Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts US Navy Spy Plane Off Syrian Coast (2nd Time In Less Than A Week)

Donate A screenshot from the video On April 19, the US Navy once again complained that Russian fighter jets were intercepting US spy planes off the Syrian coast. The US military also released a video showing the interception. BREAKING: Another unsafe #Russian 🇷🇺 intercept of 🇺🇸 @USNavy P-8 in international airspace above #Mediterranean Sea! The Russian aircraft got within 25 feet of the P-8, putting both crews in harm’s way. We expect nothing less than professional & safe [email protected] — U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet (@USNavyEurope) April 19, 2020 The April 19 interception was the second in a …

Mar 29 2020

In Video: Houthis Engage Saudi-backed In Intense Fighting In Yemen’s Al-Jawf

Donate Click to see the full-size image The Houthis (Ansar Allah) are developing their offensive on positions of Saudi-led forces in the Yemeni province of al-Jawf. [embedded content] MORE ON THE TOPIC: Donate FORUM

Mar 20 2020

World Is In Crisis To Which Russia Had Been Preparing

Donate Vladimir Putin In early, 2020 the world entered a new global crisis. The new round of economic turbulence coincided with the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), which started in China and rapidly expanded across the globe. So, mainstream media outlets rushed to explain the crisis developments with the pandemic impact. However, in fact, the global economic crisis has been forecasted by experts for a long time and has reasonable grounds: from the disbalance of the global economy and contradictions among key oil producers to the growing tensions between influential players in the key regions around the world. Saudi Arabia’s …