Apr 14 2021

Breaking: Rocket Attack on Erbil Airport + Video

Late on April 15, the US base inside the Erbil Airport in north of Iraq was targeted at least with one rocket. So far no groups took responsibility for the attack. The Iraqi Kurdistan Region officials said the incident is under investigations and the results will be announced soon. FORUM

Feb 16 2021

Iraqi security forces discover the location of rocket launcher attacked Erbil Airport + Images

Pictures of the rocket launch site are being released without specifying its exact location. However, it appears that as statement of the Saraya Oliya al-Dam group, the shooting site is 7 km from the US military base near Erbil International Airport. It is worth noting that the attack took place near the city of Erbil, and this is the first time that Iraqi resistance forces have targeted US positions from inside areas controlled by the Iraqi Kurdish region. A US-led coalition spokesman also confirmed the attack stating on a tweet that one civilian contractor was killed and 9 others were …

Feb 15 2021

Breaking: Rocket attacks on Erbil Airport

Iraqi resistance group, Saraya Oliya al-Dam took responsibility for the attack stating that at 9:15 on February 15, several rockets fired toward the Airport and inflicted heavy losses to US forces in the area. At least five civilians were wounded due to the rocket attack so far. Also several rockets or the remnant of the rockets fell on several areas of Erbil city. Three rockets hit the Waziran and Bakhtiyari neighborhoods, one of which hit the wall of the Chinese consulate. FORUM

Apr 19 2020

Video: Turkish Army heliborne operation in Erbil, Iraq

This video is released by Turkey in the situation that in the past days, because of bombardment of several area in the northern region of Iraq by Turkish planes, causing severe protests by Iraqi officials against Turkey and also Turkish ambassador in Iraq was summoned. It’s worth saying that Turkey despite the frequent violations of Iraqi airspace, has built many military bases in Iraq in recent years under the pretext of ISIS; that so far has refused to dismantle these bases and to leave Iraq, despite widespread protests of Iraqi officials. Of course, if Iraq had enough power and determination …