Jun 10 2021

USA: Tribeca Film Festival becomes first held in person since start of pandemic

Tribeca Film Festival became the first major event of its kind in the US to start in-person since the beginning of the COVID pandemic last year. Footage shows fans who gathered outside United Palace Theater in New York City on Wednesday for a screening of ‘In the Heights’ – an adaptation of the Broadway musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes. “Joy, excitement, hope for the future and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see, to see the Washington Heights gets up whenever they feel powerless, how to feel powerful again. That’s why I am …

May 8 2021

Iceland: Stunning images show lava gushing from Fagradalsfjall volcano

The Fagradalsfjall volcano put on a stunning show on Friday as it spewed fountains of lava, sometimes reaching 400 metres high (1,312 feet). Increased activity could be observed in recent days, with regular cycles of lava eruption. Several visitors were seen enjoying the spectacular scenes while trying to avoid a pretty heavy fallout of lava stones. Fagradalsfjall has been dormant for nearly 6,000 years. The Reykjanes Peninsula, where the volcano is located, has not seen a volcanic eruption in nearly 900 years. FORUM

Apr 29 2021

Iceland: Lava flows from erupting fissure of Fagradalsfjall volcano

Lava kept erupting and streaming down from a new fissure of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, opened near Geldingadalir, in the Reykjanes Peninsula, on Thursday. Explosive footage shows fountains of lava spewing out from the fissure and forming lava rivers. Several people gathered in a nearby viewpoint to enjoy and take photographs of the volcanic spectacle. Fagradalsfjall has been dormant for nearly 6,000 years. The Reykjanes Peninsula, where the volcano is located, has not seen a volcanic eruption in nearly 900 years. FORUM

Apr 28 2021

Spain: Helicopter rescues 1,000 kg bull after it fell off a cliff

A helicopter controlled by the fire department of Asturias heroically rescued a 1,000 kg (2,204 lbs) bull on Wednesday that had fallen from a cliff the day before. Footage shows the fire department rescuing the bull known as ‘Bolero,’ in the area of Carnera beach in El Ferrero. FORUM

Apr 28 2021

USA: Wildfire forces evacuations as emergency declared in western Arizona

A fire in the Hualapai Mountains in northwestern Arizona continues to lay waste as an incident responder warned residents on Tuesday that the situation is still too hazardous to allow for safe returns, with a local emergency declared. The Flag Fire, which started on Sunday, affected an area of 1,400 acres (567 hectares) as of the latest update from the US Bureau of Land Management. According to the latest update, a Type 1 Incident Management Team took over command from a Type 3 Incident Management Team on Tuesday due to “the overall complexity of the incident.” Over 200 households have …

Apr 27 2021

Iceland: Fagradalsfjall volcano spews fountains of lava as eruption continues

Mesmerising images show fountains of lava spewing out from the 5th erupting fissure of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in southern Iceland, on Monday. The fountains of lava are reportedly the highest since the beginning of the eruption and are over 50 metres (164 feet) high. The eruptive fissure opened on April 13. In total seven fissures have formed. Visitors could be seen gathering to watch the fascinating phenomenon, as the lava flow has filled two valleys, namely Geldingadalur and the Meradalur. Fagradalsfjall has been dormant for nearly 6,000 years. The Reykjanes Peninsula, where the volcano is located, has not seen a …

Apr 27 2021

USA: Smoke billows over New Mexico village as wildfires continue to rage

Smoke billowed over the village of Ruidoso in New Mexico, Monday, as a wildfire known as the Three Rivers Fire continued to rage in the countryside nearby. According to the New Mexico Fire Information site, the Three Rivers Fire has burnt over 4,000 acres in New Mexico and has not yet been contained. Evacuation notices have been put in place for certain areas of New Mexico state as firefighters continue to battle the blaze. FORUM

Apr 27 2021

Argentina: Mesmerising ‘Pink Supermoon’ brightens up Buenos Aires sky

This year’s first ‘Supermoon,’ known as the ‘Pinkmoon’, shone brighter and more prominent than usual over the city of Buenos Aires on Monday. The phenomenon occurs when the Moon is simultaneously in its complete phase and closest to the Earth. According to the National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN), the Moon illuminated the sky with a size that is 12 percent larger than usual this year. The ‘Pink Moon’ is named after the herb moss pink, a plant native to the eastern United States, one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring. FORUM

Apr 27 2021

Germany: Berlin Zoo welcomes rare baby ‘Prince Alfred’s deer’

Just two months ago a baby ‘Philippine spotted deer’ or ‘Prince Alfred’s deer,’ which is reported to be one of the rarest deers in the world, was born in the Berlin Zoo. On Monday, the young calf was seen with his parents ‘Blue Boy’ and ‘Uschi’ enjoying the outdoors next to their compound. According to Berlin Zoo curator Heiner Klos, this new addition to the Berlin Zoo is the 38th calf of the species to be born there since 1995 after they were reintroduced to the Berlin Zoo. “A calf is a hope for the future, without young animals we …

Apr 26 2021

Germany: ‘Pink Supermoon’ illuminates Berlin sky

This year’s first ‘Supermoon,’ known as the ‘Pink Moon,’ illuminated the sky in the German capital on Monday, as it was seen shining bright above Berlin’s iconic Oberbaum bridge. The phenomenon occurs when the Moon is simultaneously in its full phase and at its closest point to the Earth. The ‘Pink Moon’ is named after the herb moss pink, a plant native to the eastern United States, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring. FORUM

Apr 26 2021

Iran: ‘Pink Super Moon’ shines over Tehran skyline

This year’s first Super Moon, or ‘Pink Moon’, brightened the skies of Tehran on Monday. The natural phenomenon was visible in the sky during dusk, twilight, and nighttime before being blocked by clouds. The ‘Super Pink Moon’ occurs when the Earth’s Moon is simultaneously in its full phase and at its closest point to the Earth. They also appear around 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than full moons. The phenomenon is named after the ground phlox, a type of pink flower native to eastern parts of the US that becomes ubiquitous in the early spring. Only two Super …

Apr 26 2021

See millions of mesmerising ‘baby blue eyes’ in full bloom in Japanese park

Excited visitors came to the Hitachi Seaside Park in the Ibaraki Prefecture on Sunday, to enjoy millions of breathtaking Nemophila flowers – also known as ‘baby blue eyes.’ The ‘Miharashi no Oka’ hill where the baby blue eyes bloom, this year earlier than usual due to the mild winter, is closed to one-way traffic until May 9, and four different entrances and three exits have been installed to avoid overcrowding. “The hill has an area of 4.2 hectares (10.3 acres), and 5.3 million flowers bloom in blue, creating a landscape that seems to connect with the sky,” said head of …

Apr 26 2021

Adorned with ‘pearls’ Mar del Plata beaches attract excited locals

Mar del Plata beachgoers in Buenos Aires province were surprised by a multitude of pearly-looking egg capsules washed up on the shore on Sunday, with many seen taking pictures of a mesmerising sight. “These eggs or these structures that look like eggs are actually ovicapsules (egg capsules),” explained marine biologist Alejandro Saubidet, while also noting that the capsules are filled with embryos of sea snails. “They are not bivalve snails, they are Gastropod snails. Within snails there are bivalve molluscs and gastropod molluscs,” Saubidet added. The washed-up eggs belong to the mostly carnivorous Adelomelon brasiliana species which can be found …

Apr 24 2021

Iraq: Sawa Lake shrinking as drought blamed on Tectonic shifts, earthquakes

Tectonic shifts beneath the historic Sawa Lake in Muthanna Governorate in Iraq have been largely blamed for the drought shrinking the lake. “The main reason is the shifting of tectonic plate underneath, which led to earthquakes in the north of the country. This caused the demolition of the oasis tributary which in turn led to destroying of its feeding and exiting paths,” said Chief Engineer Raid Ali who also resides in the vicinity of the lake. Raid Ali dismissed claims wells dug close to the lake had intensified the drought. “The German team managed to take samples from the lake …

Apr 23 2021

Indonesia: Mount Merapi spews forth ash as volcanic activity continues

Clouds of ash spewed forth from Mount Merapi on Friday as the volcano continued to erupt, as could be seen from the nearby Purwobinangun. Local authorities have advised residents to keep a 5 kilometre (3.1 miles) safety distance from the crater. The volcano is considered to be one of Indonesia’s most active and began erupting in August of 2020. A major eruption in 2010 killed nearly 350 people and forced at least 20,000 to flee their homes. FORUM

Apr 21 2021

Chile: Paleontologists identify new species of dinosaurs ‘Arackar licanantay’

The Chilean Ministry of Culture presented a newly-identified species of dinosaurs – ‘Arackar licanantay,’ in Santiago on Monday. The new species belongs to a large group of dinosaurs known as titanosaurs, herbivorous, quadrupedal – small-headed animals with long necks and tails. The ‘Arackar licanantay’ which means ‘Atacama bones’ in the Kunza language, lived in what is now the Atacama region during the late Cretaceous period, between 80 and 66 million years ago. The bones found including elements of the arm, leg, part of the pelvis, and back vertebrae, belong to a quadrupedal herbivore about 6.3 metres long. According to the …

Apr 20 2021

Philippines: Typhoon Surigae leaves flooding in its wake in Northern Samar

Typhoon Surigae, locally known as Typhoon Bising, left the streets of Catarman, Northern Samar, flooded on Monday. The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) issued a flood warning to residents and 13,000 people were evacuated from Northern Samar province alone. Two typhoon related fatalities were also confirmed by the OCD, while many remain missing. It is also estimated that 100,000 people have been displaced. FORUM

Apr 19 2021

Bolivia: Volunteers join environmental initiative to clean Rocha River in Cochabamba

A large number of volunteers got involved in the cleaning of the Rocha River in Cochabamba on Sunday as part of an eco-conscious initiative promoted by French environmental campaigner Alexis Dessard. “We have come to clean the Rocha River because it was too dirty, a lot of garbage, and that pollutes the environment. I want to say that it is not the first, nor the last time, we should clean [it] once a month,” commented local resident and volunteer Ines Jauja. Children also took part in the volunteer initiative with the hope of making tomorrow a better place through present-day …

Apr 18 2021

Argentina: Three jaguars released in Ibera National Park

Footage filmed by the cameras of the Ibera National Park, in Corrientes, on Friday, shows three jaguars that have been released on its land. The two cubs, Saso and Sagua’a, along with their mother, Juruna, were returned to their natural habitat. The animals had never had contact with the human species, and have been released after showing that they can hunt their own prey. In total, six specimens of this species have already been released in Ibera. Jaguars are in danger of extinction in Argentina. FORUM

Apr 17 2021

Argentina: Antarctic crabeater seal appears on beach in Mar del Plata

Argentinian rescue workers and wild life specialists helped a stranded crabeater seal to get back into the water on a beach in Mar del Plata on Friday. The animal, usually found near the coast of Antarctica, was discovered hundreds of kilometres away from its usual habitat. “These animals move and follow the marine currents. Most likely a marine stream such as the Malvinas, followed it and usually appears along the coast of Patagonia or on the coast in this part of the province of Buenos Aires,” said Mariela Ghys, a biologist. After intervention from specialists, the seal returned to the …

Apr 15 2021

China: Beijing sky singes orange as sandstorm dust blankets city

Beijing’s air quality levels worsened on Thursday, as wind blew sand and dust over the city, bringing severe air pollution levels with it. The sky blazed orange, as strong winds knocked plant pots and bikes over. Several residents shared their concerns over the implications the weather has. “The weather changed all of a sudden today. This weather makes me feel quite depressed,” said Du. “Pollution is always bad for the person in terms of your breathing, and what you inhale,” Beijing resident Nidal added. The capital’s district was engulfed in a fog of yellow sand and dust for the third …

Apr 15 2021

Iceland: Vulcanic activity continues as another eruptive fissure opens

Areal footage shows the opening of another fissure as a result of the continuing eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in southern Iceland, as seen on Thursday. The fissure is estimated to be around 500 metres (1,640 feet) long. Fagradalsfjall has been dormant for nearly 6,000 years. The Reykjanes Peninsula, where the volcano is located, has not seen a volcanic eruption in nearly 900 years. FORUM

Apr 15 2021

Mexico: Firefighters struggle to extinguish wildfire in Tepoztlan

Hundreds of firefighters continued efforts to extinguish a wildfire in Tepoztlan, in the state of Morelos, which has been raging for the past four days, on Wednesday. A Mexican Air Force helicopter could be seen taking off to drop water on the conflagration. The damage caused to one of the main protected areas in the state of Morelos, could also be seen. “The most difficult thing for us in this fire has been the gusts of wind that have always complicated us in the afternoons. We have gusts of wind from various directions, which is what complicates us because of …

Apr 13 2021

Ecuador: Ashfall from Sangay volcano forces Guayaquil airport to suspend operations

Volcanic ashfall spewing from the Sangay volcano forced the temporary closure of an airport serving the port city of Guayaquil on Tuesday. Workers at the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport could be seen cleaning up in the grounds of the facility, while local residents were also spotted sweeping pavements and cleaning their vehicles. The 5,230 metre (17,159 foot) tall volcano, which lies roughly 175km (108 miles) east of the city, is currently active and erupting, sending ash skyward over a large area to its west. “Today I woke up to the news that the airport had been closed because …

Apr 13 2021

Baptise an Iberian pig with the name of your ex while helping the Spanish ecosystem

The Sanchez Romero Carvajal company located in Jabugo in Spain has launched a campaign that allows people to baptise an Iberian pig ‘pata negra’ (black leg) with the name of an ex-partner as a revenge plot. Footage filmed on Monday shows several pigs scampering, sniffing, and eating in the Iberian pig farm. For each pig named after an ex-partner, the company will donate one euro (£0.87 $1.19) to help to preserve the local ecosystem. “Everyone is thinking about who their best ex is to be able to be the ‘pata negra’, the king of the pasture”, stated Maria Castro Bermudez-Coronel, …

Apr 13 2021

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Locals, rain clean away volcanic ash after eruption

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown April 13, 2021 at 05:13 GMT +00:00 · Published Rain helped speed up the cleaning process as Kingstown locals swept away volcanic ash on Monday as the eruption of La Soufriere volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent continued. *MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW* FORUM

Apr 12 2021

Australia: Cyclone Seroja tears through property in Gabbin

After Cyclone Seroja tore through Western Australia on Sunday evening, footage filmed at an estate in Gabbin on Monday shows the aftermath of the tropical storm. The cyclone tore through a large metal shed, completely destroying the zinc aluminium garage. ‘Splitting it open like it was a sardine can,’ remarked the owner Jeannie Stanley. Hundreds more properties in the town of Kalbarri are thought to have been destroyed or at the minimum sustained major damage after the cyclone. Luckily, thus far, no deaths have been recorded. Seroja made landfall south of Kalbarri on Sunday evening. Classified as a category three …

Apr 11 2021

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Thick layer of ash covers Georgetown following La Soufriere volcano eruption

Georgetown on the island of St. Vincent was seen covered in thick layers of ash on Saturday, following the eruption of the La Soufriere volcano which forced thousands of people to be evacuated. Volcano dust was seen covering streets and vehicles, as well as a passer by. According to reports, at least 20,000 had to be evacuated from the area. La Soufriere volcano, located in the north of the island, had not erupted since 1979, before his latest eruption on Friday. FORUM

Apr 10 2021

Argentina: Two Bengal tigers leave Buenos Aires zoo for ‘better life’ in US sanctuary

Two white Bengal tigers left the Buenos Aires Ecopark zoo on Friday and are now headed to the ‘The Wild Animal’ sanctuary in Colorado, US, where the animals can have a ‘better quality of life,’ according to the Buenos Aires government. The trip takes about 20 hours, as after an 11-hour flight to Dallas the cats have to travel 9 hours by land to Keenesburg, Colorado. The tigers are a male named Rhiano, 195 kilos and born 14 years ago at the Buenos Aires Zoo, and a female named Cleo, 127 kilos and 12 years old, who was born at …

Apr 10 2021

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Lightning flashes over volcano as third explosive eruption underway

Flashes of lightning were captured over the La Soufriere volcano on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent on Friday, as a third explosive eruption was underway according to the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre (UWI-SRC). Lightning could be seen in the ash column over the volcano due to its highly charged nature. Local authorities issued an evacuation notice for residents on Thursday following seismic activity warnings about an imminent eruption. Approximately 16,000 residents were required evacuation as of Friday morning. The La Soufriere volcano last erupted in 1979 with no reported resulting casualties. FORUM

Apr 9 2021

France: Acres of candles light up the night sky as farmers protect vineyards from frost

Anti-frost candles, burning in the vineyards of Maison Prosper Maufoux estate, lit up the night sky in Saint-Aubin in Burgundy on Tuesday. French farmers lit the candles in order to protect their vineyards from frost. They also sprayed water over them to create ice shells around the green shoots. Unexpectedly cold snaps of weather have hit many parts of mainland Europe at the start of April. Despite their best efforts it is likely the harvest will be affected, and will lead to a lower volumes of yields. Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie said that an agriculture disaster will be declared …

Apr 9 2021

Bolivia: Large pollution and plastic clear up operation of lake Uru-Uru underway

A huge scale cleanup operation was underway to clear the Uru-Uru lake of plastic and pollution, as seen on Thursday, in Bolivia’s Oruro Department. Tonnes of waste can be seen collected, loaded onto lorries and transported away from the site recycling points. Environmental activist Marcos Chavez Flores said he expected the operation to take a long time. “There was a lot of plastic to collect which will not end today nor tomorrow, it will take a long time to clean it,” he said. Volunteer Alicia Quisa, said her goal was to sort the pollution out, and dispose of it properly. …

Apr 8 2021

Italy: Horde of pink jellyfish invade Trieste’s water

A giant smack of pink jellyfish invaded the waters adjacent to the Audace pier in Trieste on Thursday, capturing people’s attention with a breathtaking spectacle. Several bystanders stopped to take pictures of the jellyfish forming a pink carpet on the waters. The spotted jellyfish belong to the ‘Rhizostoma Pulmo’ family, commonly known as the barrel jellyfish. Barrel jellyfish swarms are becoming increasingly frequent throughout the Adriatic Sea. Experts believe the jellyfish smack reached the pier due to winds and currents, which pushed them towards it. The pretty creatures floated close to the surface as it is where the water gets …

Apr 7 2021

Iceland: Fagradalsfjall erruption sees new fissure opening

Hypnotic new footage has emerged on Wednesday of a third fissure opening as a result of the continuing eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano. The fissure is estimated to be around 500 metres (1,640 feet) long. Fagradalsfjall has been dormant for nearly 6,000 years. The Reykjanes Peninsula, where the volcano is located, did not see an eruption of any volcano in for nearly 900 years. FORUM

Apr 6 2021

Iceland: Drone captures fountains of lava as new fissure opens at volcanic eruption site

A new fissure opened up on Monday near a volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula that began erupting last month, about 32 kilometres (20 miles) away from the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. The fissure opened at around noon local time and is approximately 500 metres (550 yards) long and about a kilometre (around a half-mile) from the original site that is active since March 19. The lava effusion-rate increased throughout the day. The lava flow reached in less than two hours the bottom of Meradalir, a valley northeast of Geldingadalir, travelling through a narrow channel. The area was evacuated. FORUM

Apr 6 2021

Netherlands: Blanket of snow covers Eindhoven’s Park Meerland as nation hit by wacky weather

Heavy and unexpected snowfall continued in many parts of Holland on Tuesday as the country remains in code orange according to the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute). Footage filmed at Eindhoven’s Park Meerland showed heavy snowfall continuously starting and stopping throughout the day. The park, and large parts of the country, were covered in a blanket of snow. Temperatures dropped below zero, especially surprising considering that parts of the country were enjoying 25 degrees celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) just five days ago. FORUM

Apr 6 2021

Drone captures mesmerising ‘tube-cloud’ over Gulf of Finland

A drone captured a cloud reminding a tube pivoting over the Gulf of Finland during sunset, Friday. According to the International Cloud Atlas, photographer Sergei Nagibin from Saint-Petersburg managed to film a phenomenon called ‘volutus’ or ‘roll cloud.’ It often appears to roll slowly about a horizontal axis. Roll clouds called ‘Morning Glory’ can be frequently seen in northern Australia in early October mornings. FORUM

Apr 2 2021

Guatemala: Pacaya volcano lava destroys crops, threatens nearby villages

The Pacaya volcano, south of the capital, Guatemala City, continued its activity causing fires in the nearby area, as filmed on Thursday severe vegetation fires. It is estimated that more than 600 hectares of coffee and avocado fields have been destroyed affecting at least 1,300 families, according to local media. “Yesterday the river culminated in a village called El rodeo, and today at 11 am this lava river that we can see here burst, falling and damaging several hectares of land and coffee plantations,” said local resident and tour guide Francisco Morales, adding that, “people suffered a lot of loss, …

Apr 1 2021

Italy: New decree to keep cruise ships out of Venice lagoon

The Italian government approved a new decree on Thursday preventing large cruise ships and container vessels from passing close to Venice lagoon. The ships will have to dock in other locations in order to preserve the lagoon. However, the impact of this decision on the city’s tourism is yet to be known. “I found myself once on the rafts and it seemed to me that this huge mass was coming towards me and it was a very bad feeling. We also experienced an accident that could have been catastrophic and therefore on one hand I am happy, on the other, …

Apr 1 2021

Iceland: Drone captures spectacular images of ongoing eruption at Fagradalsfjall volcano

A drone captured fresh images of the eruption of lava from Fagradalsfjall volcano on Wednesday. The activity, which was accompanied by over 50,000 small earthquakes, has been taking place since March 19. The Fagradalsfjall volcano has become a popular attraction for hikers flocking from the nearby Reykjavik to see the impressive lava show. It is thought that this is the first eruption of its kind at the volcano in approximately 800 years. FORUM

Mar 30 2021

Explosive new night time footage reveals Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption

A spectacular magma flow from the Fagradalsfjall eruption could be seen recorded by a drone on Monday, after it became visible on Sunday. The entire western flanks of both cinder cones of the volcano collapsed on Sunday, showing the inner part of the lava. Lava was flowing out of a fissure in a valley in Geldingadalur, next to Mount Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes peninsula in southwestern Iceland. Lava could be seen spilling out of the volcano, which has been dormant for nearly 6,000 years. The Reykjanes Peninsula, where the volcano is located, did not see an eruption of any volcano …

Mar 30 2021

Drone captures hills in bloom with explosive colours in China’s Bijie

Visitors were seen walking through miles of blooming purple, red and pink azaleas in Bijie on Sunday. The Guizhou Province park is one of the world’s most extensive natural gardens overflowing with different varieties of the Rhododendron family, covering almost 120 square kilometres (46,332 square miles). The azalea flower season can last anywhere between March 15 to late May, the perfect time to wander through the fields and enjoy the scenic view between temples and colourful scenery. Some visitors could be seen wearing traditional outfits for the season. Yan Xiaohong, a visitor, wearing the perfect attire for the season, said, …

Mar 30 2021

Ecuador: 185 smuggled tortoise hatchlings discovered in suitcase at Galapagos airport

Ecuadorian authorities found 185 giant tortoise hatchlings wrapped in plastic and hidden in a suitcase at the Galapagos Ecological Airport on the island of Baltra on Sunday. Officials in charge of analysing the luggage made the discovery during a routine X-ray inspection, which showed irregularities in the contents, which were destined for Guayaquil. The turtles were individually wrapped in plastic and 10 of them did not survive. The authorities have arrested a police officer for his alleged involvement in the illegal trafficking of the turtles. The seized turtles were taken to the Fausto Llerena breeding centre on Santa Cruz Island, …

Mar 30 2021

Japan: Locals picnic under blossom trees as iconic ‘Hanami’ season comes to an end

Tokyo locals picnicked and played in Kinuta Park, enjoying the end of the iconic Hanami season on Monday. Children could be seen playing, while couples and families relaxed under the blossom trees. ‘Hanami’ represents the Japanese tradition of enjoying the blooming phase of flowers, especially those of cherry and plum trees. The tradition is believed to have taken root in the East Asian country about 1,200 years ago. This year local authorities are warning people to avoid traditional parties and picnics due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but families and friends are still gathering in parks like the Ueno. FORUM

Mar 30 2021

USA: Cherry blossoms in DC reach peak bloom

The famous cherry blossom in Washington DC, that became the trademark of the season, reached peak bloom last weekend. Visitors were seen walking through the blossoming trees and taking pictures on a sunny Monday. The final stage of the blossoming came earlier than expected due to the warmer temperatures that presided last week. DC’s National Mall and Memorial Park service has announced that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, in case of unmanageable crowds of visitors the authorities will move to close the area. So far the territory around the Tidal Basin has been restricted to the vehicular traffic and is …

Mar 29 2021

Guatemala: Lava flows from erupting Pacaya volcano

The Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala remains active with reportedly strong eruptions, and was seen spewing lava and clouds of fumes on Monday. Columns of ash and gases were detected up to a height of 3,000 to 3,500 meters (1.8 to 2.2 miles) above sea level and reportedly, dispersed in a south-westerly and southward direction, as an active lava flow of 2,500 meters (1.6 miles) could be seen on the west side of the volcano. FORUM

Mar 29 2021

Iceland: Visitors play volleyball in front of stunning Fagradalsfjall eruption backdrop

A group of brave souls could be seen playing volleyball in front of the mighty Fagradalsfjall on Saturday as it erupted. Lava could be seen spilling out of the volcano, which has been dormant for nearly 6,000 years. The Reykjanes Peninsula, where the volcano is located, did not see an eruption of any volcano in for nearly 900 years. FORUM

Mar 29 2021

Iran: ‘Full Worm Moon’ shines bright above Tehran sky

This year’s first supermoon lit up the sky over Tehran on Sunday. The astrological event, known as the Paschal Full Moon or the Full Worm Moon appeared bigger and brighter than usual. Footage shows the moon rising above Tehran before lighting up the sky. Local residents can be seen lighting fireworks during the event. This year’s first supermoon is the first full moon of the spring season. The name ‘Worm Moon’ likely refers to earthworms that appear in the soil at this time of year as the weather gets warmer, inviting hungry birds to feed on them. FORUM

Mar 28 2021

Germany: Lights go out in Berlin to celebrate WWF’s Earth Hour

Many main squares and popular monuments in Berlin cut their lights out on Saturday evening in order to take part with the WWF’s (World Wildlife Fund) ‘Earth Hour’ initiative. Since 2007, when WWF Australia launched the initiative, millions of people have taken part in the global event to raise awareness about climate change. As taking part in the day is as simple as switching off the lights, the day is observed by millions of people and organisations in various countries. Footage shows Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz and Sony centre, turning off the lights for an hour on Saturday evening. …

Mar 27 2021

Russia: Moscow and Saint Petersburg landmarks go dark for Earth Hour

Moscow and Saint Petersburg’S famous landmarks went dark on Saturday night to mark Earth Hour. Lights were switched off in Moscow’s Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Spasskaya Tower as 2,000 landmarks were planned to take part in the global movement in the capital. Meanwhile, lights illuminating Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage and Peter and Paul Fortress, alongside many other landmarks of the city, also went dark. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia reported that around 30 Russian cities were expected to join the movement this year. Earth Hour, a WWF initiative, started in Sydney in 2007 in a bid to …