Jan 28 2021

With a capital of SYP 62.6 billion, 1066 industrial establishments enter phase of production in 2020

Damascus, SANA- The pace of work and investment in the industrial sector was rated as good due to the facilitations and the procedures adopted by the government in this frame, as about 1066 artisanal, industrial and investment establishments put into services during the past year with a capital of SYP 62.627 billion which are scheduled to provide 4,849 job opportunities, despite of the situation that the country is passing through due to the unilateral coercive measures and the impacts of the coronavirus, the Industrial Investment Directorate at the Industry Ministry said. In its report for the year 2020, the Directorate …

Feb 5 2020

Antiquities and Museums ready to enter Ebla to document damage due to terrorism

Damascus, SANA_ Since the Kingdom of Ebla, which is one of the most important cultural archaeological sites in the world, was unearthed by the Italian mission headed by the archaeologist Paolo Mattie in 1968, the facts are slowly becoming clear about ancient Syrian history, which was one of the most important tributaries of culture, global civilization and development. This archaeological site was exposed to vandalism and organized looting by terrorist organizations that have desecrated it with the aim of obliterating the features of Syrian civilization and history. After violent battles with terrorist organizations in Idleb countryside, the Syrian Arab Army …