May 3 2020

ISIS attack on Egyptian Army in the Sinai peninsula

In this statement, Egyptian Interior Ministry announced that in the recent clashes between Egyptian soldiers and ISIS affiliated terrorists in the suburb of Bir al-Abd city in the northern Sinai province, 18 of Egyptian soldiers have been killed. It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian army in the recent days (April 29 and May 1) had been targeted by ISIS attacks that only in the attack of past two days, 10 of army soldiers had been killed by hand bomb exploding in the north of Sinai desert. The terrorist group of ISIS has recently expanded its activities square in this …

Apr 26 2020

ISIS attacks Egypt Army near Rafah

ISIS in Egypt is consisted of remainder of groups such as Ansar Beit al-Muqaddas which formed allegiance with ISIS in 2014 is active against Egyptian army in Egypt and specially Sinai peninsula.Tribes of Sinai peninsula support them and have done several terrorist attacks including bombing and guerilla warfare. FORUM

Feb 25 2020

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak dies

Hosni Mubarak before being pushed away from power in February 2011, was president of Egypt for three decades. His trial took several years and finally in 2017 he was acquitted. His policy was to have peace and relation with Israel and cutting ties with resistance groups and countries like Iran.