Feb 7 2021

Syrian expatriate wins Educational Oscar Award in Dubai   

Damascus, SANA- Syrian expatriate journalist, Muhammad Issam Mahho, has won the Dubai International Award for Human Resources Development, the Educational Oscar, for the most popular educational video category, titled (I am the creation of my mother), with more than 15 million views. In a statement to SANA, Mahho expressed his pleasure as Syria, the cradle of civilization and the first alphabet, has been one of the six countries which won the educational Oscar. “We may not have the sophisticated technology which is possessed by some countries, but we do have strong minds that are capable of creativity and innovation”, Mahho …

Feb 16 2020

22 Syrian companies participate in Gulfood expo in Dubai

Related Articles Dubai, SANA – The 25th Gulfood kicked off with Syria’s participation in Dubai World Trade Centre, which is considered one of the largest food exhibitions in the world. The exhibition will be open till February 21th, and it constitutes an important venue for food companies, attracting more than 100,000 visitors each year. More than 5000 exhibitors from 189 countries participate in the expo, which is an opportunity for Syrian companies to establish partnerships with global companies, in addition to introducing local food products to the world. Director General of the Local Production and Exports Support and Development Agency …