May 13 2021

Ansar Allah missile and drone operations on southern Saudi Arabia

A spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, said: “At dawn today, the missile and air force managed to carry out a large-scale joint operation, using 12 missiles and drones, during which the facilities of Aramco and Najran Airport and other critical points in the city of Najran were targeted. The operation was carried out with Badr and Sae’ir missiles and Qasef 2K drones, And thanks to God, the strikes were accurate. This operation is within the framework of our natural and legal right to respond to the escalation of aggression and the ongoing siege of our …

Apr 28 2021

Breaking: Drone Attack on US in Iraq

In a similar attack on April 15, Iraqi resistance forces attacked US positions at Erbil airport with a drone. Also on April 16, three suicide drones targeted the Ain Al Asad Airbase. The drone attacks impose a major threats on US interests in Iraq. These types of attacks has intensified recently on American troops in Iraq. Breaking: Attack on Erbil Airport + Video Breaking: Iraqi resistance groups reportedly attacked Ain Al Asad Airbase with 3 suicide drones FORUM

Apr 20 2021

How drone operations change the tide in Iraq’s war?

The important point in Iraqi Resistance groups attacks against American soldiers in Erbil airport on April 15 and Ain Al Asad Airbase on April 16 is using drones. However, there is a history of using drones by the Resistance groups and Uthbat al-Thaerin group released footages of US embassy in Iraq which was captured by a drone on April 3, 2020. Nevertheless, using drone against American soldiers caught them by surprise. When the enemy is in your lands, the best tactic is guerilla warfare which has been used in many wars such as Vietnam and second world wars efficiently.Among the …