May 22 2021

Demonstrations in Faryab and the federal government in northwestern Afghanistan!

Following the removal of Naqibullah Fayeq and the appointment of Mohammad Daud Laghmani as governor of Faryab by Ashraf Ghani, General Abdul Rashid Dostum has called on the people and members of parliament to oppose the decision. Following this call, the people and militants affiliated with General Dostum held large rallies in the city of Maimanah and announced that they would not allow Laghmani to enter Faryab province and they will also declare autonomy in Faryab and other areas under their control if their demands are not heeded. According to General Dostum, who leads the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan …

Feb 21 2020

USA intriguing in Afghanistan

Following the cancellation of meeting between Zalmy Khalilzad and General Dostum, US envoys met with his son, Batur Dostum, regarding presidential election and incidents of Afghanistan. The details are not reported but it is obvious USA is trying to push General Dostum toward Ashraf Ghani. General Dostum is the leader of National Islamic movement of Afghanistan and senior of Uzbek and Turkmen races in Afghanistan.Some believe he has a lot of weight in Afghanistan politics and in previous election Ashraf Ghani could force Abdullah Abdullah to accept the fraud result by coalescing with him. Afghanistan politics situation is turning toward …