Jun 1 2020

New governors of Homs, Quneitra, Daraa, and Hasaka sworn in before President al-Assad

Damascus, SANA – The new governors of four provinces were sworn in before President Bashar al-Assad on Monday. Bassam Mamdouh Barssik, Mohammed Tarek Ziad Kreshati, Marwan Ibrahim Sharbak, and Ghassan Halim Khalil were sworn in as governors of Homs, Quneitra, Daraa, and Hasaka, respectively. President al-Assad met with the new governors and provided them with directives, stressing the important role played by Governors as they are in direct contact with citizens, local councils, and municipalities, given them better insight into what could be done to develop provinces and their rural areas and improve their services facilities to serve citizens’ interests …

May 29 2020

Extinguishing six fires erupted in areas in Daraa

Daraa, SANA- Daraa Fire Brigade put out six fires which erupted in several areas in Daraa province on Thursday. Commander of the firefighting brigade Mohammad Mahamid told SANA reporter that six fires were extinguished in the areas of dry grass, four of which in Daraa city , and two others in Ezraa city and east of al-Sanamin. He said that the firefighting brigade are on high alert ,calling upon citizens to stop removing grass through burning it in order to preserve the agricultural season. Shaza FORUM

May 18 2020

Large fire extinguished in Sweida countryside, fires damage fields in Hasaka and Daraa

Provinces, SANA – Civil Defense personnel, in cooperation with the authorities and locals, extinguished a large fire that burned down large areas filled with dry grass at the Jordanian-Syrian borders, which had damaged barely fields in Sweida’s southwestern countryside. The fire had started in Jordan and extended into Syrian territory, with the wind causing the blaze to expand and reach agricultural fields before it was put out. Local sources said the fire damaged more than 3 hectares of barley fields. Meanwhile in Hasaka, fires during this season damaged around 1850 hectares of wheat and barley fields, specifically 1110 hectares of …

May 4 2020

Nine policemen martyred in terrorist attack in al-Mzairib, Daraa

Related Articles Daraa, SANA – Nine policemen from Mzairib district in Daraa’s western countryside were martyred on Monday morning following an attack by a terrorist on the district building. The Interior Ministry said in a statement that 9 members of the Daraa Police Command personnel were martyred when terrorists attacked them while they were carrying out their duties, and that the bodies were transported to Daraa National Hospital. Hazem Sabbagh FORUM

Mar 23 2020

Civil society contributes to confronting Coronavirus

Related Articles Provinces, SANA – Complementing the government’s efforts to confront the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the civil society is carrying out campaigns to distribute protective supplies and sterilize facilities, markets, and streets. In Aleppo, a number of industrialists distributed around 3,000 protective masks, 4,000 pairs of gloves, and 3,000 bottles of sanitizer in the neighborhoods of al-Fardous, Salah Eddin, Masaken Hanano, al-Haidariya, and the University Square. Meanwhile in Daraa, a number of pharmacists in al-Kashef neighborhood distributed masks, gloves, sanitizers, and rubbing alcohol for free among citizens. In Sweida, a wide-scale sanitization campaign was carried out by a civil group, covering …

Mar 6 2020

Daraa National Hospital Director: No Coronavirus cases at the hospital

Related Articles Daraa, SANA – Director General of Daraa National Hospital Dr. Bassam al-Hariri said that the rumors about Coronavirus cases at the hospital are baseless. In a statement to SANA’s reporter on Friday, al-Hariri said the patients who had been admitted to the hospital in the past few days were suffering from simple respiratory infections, and they were discharged and are receiving the necessary medications at their homes as their cases do not require staying at the hospital. He also said that the hospital has stepped up sanitization procedures for patients, visitors, and workers as a precautionary measure. Posts …

Feb 28 2020

Woman and child martyred by IED blast in Daraa

Daraa, SANA – One woman and a child were martyred when an IED exploded in Daraa city. Sources at Daraa Police told SANA’s reporter that an IED exploded on Friday evening in Cornich al-Mattar Street, claiming the lives of a girl child and a woman. The blast also caused material damage in the site. Hazem Sabbagh FORUM

Feb 12 2020

Humanitarian assistance distributed in Daraa countryside by SARC

Daraa, SANA- Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), Daraa Branch,   distributed on Wednesday 8400 food baskets and flour packages  in al -Sheikh Miskin and  al- GHareya al-Gharbiya in the Daraa countryside presented by the World  Food Programme (WFP). Head of the SARC branch in Daraa, Ahmed al-Masalema told SANA in a statement that a convoy consisted of 13 trucks carrying 5800 food baskets and flour bags were distributed among the locals in al-Sheikh miskin city, adding that 2600 food baskets and flour bags were also distributed among the locals in al-Ghariya al-Gharbiya in Daraa countryside. On current month, SARC distributed  /4500/food …

Feb 10 2020

Mobile clinic at Naseeb crossing for detection of possible infection with coronavirus

Daraa, SANA_ The Directorate of Health in Daraa Province has allocated a mobile clinic and an ambulance with a medical staff to detect any possible cases of coronavirus by those arriving to Syria through Naseeb Border Center. The Director of Directorate of Health in the Province Dr. Ashraf Brmo said that the presence of the clinic and ambulance at the crossing comes within the context of the precautionary measures of the Ministry of Health through crossings and airports to prevent the arrival of the coronavirus in Syria. Brmo added that the medical staff conducts thermal surveys for those coming to …