Jan 17 2021

Russian aid distributed in al-Hayjana town in Damascus countryside

Damascus countryside, SANA- In the framework of friendship and cooperation between Syria and Federal Russia, the Russian Coordination Center has distributed on Sunday a batch of food baskets in al-Hayjana town in the countryside of Damascus. In a statement to journalists, Representative of the Russian Coordination Center in the southern region, Major General Vyacheslav Cetnik  said that the aid included a group of baskets of food portions containing sugar, rice, milk and flour to the families of the martyrs and the needed families. In turn, head of Hayjana town Council, Ahmed Salim, stressed that the Russian aid was distributed among 250 …

Jun 12 2020

Ministerial committee listens to the demands of citizens in Damascus western countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA- The ministerial committee charged with following up on the state of agriculture, services, and living conditions in the province of Damascus Countryside was briefed on the most significant difficulties and problems that the citizens are suffering from regarding the services and agricultural sectors in a number of villages in the western part of Damascus Countryside. The committee, chaired by the Minister of Agriculture Ahmad al-Qadiri, during a visit to villages in the area of Jabal al-Shaikh, Qatana, and Sa’asa’, listened to the citizens who called for improving the quality of services and ensuring the availability of all …

Jun 8 2020

16 coronavirus cases registered, lockdown imposed on Ras al-Ma’ara town, Damascus Countryside  

Damascus, SANA- The Health Ministry announced that 16 new coronavirus cases were registered in Ras al-Ma’ara town in Damascus Countryside raising the total of the registered cases to 141. In a statement on Sunday evening, the Ministry indicated that the infected people were in close contact with the infected truck driver who works on the Syrian-Jordanian route. The Ministry added that a lockdown was imposed on Ras al-Ma’ara town to prevent the outbreak of the virus and to maintain the public health the safety of citizens. On June 4th, Health Ministry announced that a coronavirus case was registered in Damascus …

Jun 3 2020

Cherry picking season in Serghaya town in Damascus countryside

Cherry picking season in Serghaya town in Damascus countryside – Syrian Arab News Agency jQuery(document).ready(function (){ jQuery(“.menu-item”).has(“ul”).children(“a”).attr(“aria-haspopup”, “true”);}); <!—-> Ticker Al-Jaafari calls for lifting coercive measures on Syria which hinder tackling coronavirus, achieving development More protests sweep Washington, US army sends hundreds of its troops to quell them Health Ministry: One Coronavirus patients passed away, 4 others recovered Al-Jaafari: US and Turkish governments set fire to agrarian crops in Syria Khan Asa’ad Basha, one of the greatest archeological edifices in the Orient Courts and judicial departments resume work after suspension of two months due to measures taken to confront Coronavirus …

May 17 2020

Health Ministry decides to lift lockdown on al-Sayyeda Zainab area in Damascus Countryside

Related Articles Damascus, SANA- Advisory council tasked with coronavirus convened in Health Ministry decided on Sunday to lift lockdown on al-Sayyeda Zainab area in Damascus countryside. The Ministry said in a statement that the advisory council decided to lift lockdown on al-Sayyeda Zainab area after completing coronavirus tests for people in contact with infected patients and confirmed cases and not to register any new infection since May 2nd. Shaza FORUM

Mar 8 2020

Boy injured in landmine blast in Eastern Ghouta

Related Articles Damascus Countryside, SANA – A boy was injured when a landmine left behind by terrorists exploded in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside. A source at the Police Command told SANA’s reporter that a landmine went off in farmlands in al-Bahariya village in Eastern Ghouta, injuring a nine-year-old boy who was herding sheep in the area. The source said the boy sustained multiple shrapnel injuries to the face and abdomen and was hospitalized. Hazem Sabbagh FORUM

Mar 1 2020

Material damage caused in IED blast in Damascus Countryside

Related Articles Damascus Countryside, SANA- Material damage was caused as a result of a blast of an explosive device planted in a car by terrorists in Jaramana in Damascus Countryside. In a statement to SANA, a source at the Interior Ministry said that an IED planted in a car by terrorists went off on Monday in Jaramana in Damascus Countryside, causing material damage and no civilian causalities were reported. On Feb 25, one civilian was martyred and two others were injured in an explosion of two IEDs planted by terrorists in two cars near Tishreen Stadium and at the entrance …

Feb 23 2020

“Million love trees for Syria”, afforestation campaign to enhance green areas

Damascus Countryside, SANA _ “Majd”, (Glory), a team of young volunteers, whose love for their country has brought them together, launched on Saturday the first phase of their “Million Love Trees for Syria” initiative by planting about 1500 trees along Damascus International Airport road as a first stage. The initiative, which will continue until the end of next April, will involve a number of governorates. Director of the forestry at the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Dr. Hassan Faris, clarified in a statement to SANA that the ministry’s role in the campaign was represented in selecting the reforestation areas …