Feb 18 2020

Opinion: The Effect of Recent Developments on Yemen War

1. Slowing down the operation Bonyan Al Marsous:In the recent days, Mohammad Al Bokhaiti member of the Ansar Allah High Political Council, announced the cause of stopping this operation an Arabic country’s mediation (Oman or Qatar). Also in the rest of his speeches, he invited Islah party to cooperation and has emphasized on common points between Ansar Allah and them, that this issue is unprecedented and significant. The most important in common aspect of Ansar Allah and the Islah party, is the opposition of two sides with the Yemen breakdown project that was followed by UAE. After power war and …

Feb 8 2020

Analyzing the process of Yemen war in recent months

Simultaneous with statements of Yemeni armed forces spokesman that called this year as the year of air defense and victory, the advances and offensive operations of Ansar Allah in the north of Dhale’, north of Saadah and now the operation of Bonyan Al Marsous (in the Nihm, west of Marib and Jawf) are done that is led to realizing the victory of Ansar Allah against Saudi coalition. As we have seen in recent months, Ansar Allah has started the advancing and cleaning the sensitive and important regions, after developing its missile, drone and air defense power.The operation for pushing back …