May 23 2020

Hot market for UAV destruction in Libya!

According to Libyan sources, in the past few hours, Libyan National Army forces have shot down an Anka (Turkish-made) UAV near the city of Tarhunah and a Bayraktar TB2 (Turkish-made) UAV in the al-Shuwairif area in southwest of Jabal al-Gharbi province. The GNA forces also shot down a Wing Long (Chinese-made) drone over the the al-Qariyat area in the Jabal al-Gharbi province. FORUM

May 18 2020

Military Knowledge: “Bayraktar TB2” Reconnaissance Combat Drone

The Bayraktar UAV initially developed by the Kale-Baykar, a joint venture between the Kale Group and Baykar Technologies and now the Bayraktar TB2 is built by Baykar Defense company specifically for Turkish Air Force using. The Bayraktar TB2 drone can carry 4 MAM-L and MAM-C missiles manufactured by Roketsan defense company. Rokestan is a major Turkish weapons manufacturer and defense contractor based in Turkey.This drone is guided by the ground control station and now, is the second powerful drone in the Turkish military, after the TAI Anka drone. The Bayraktar TB2 drone entered into service in 2014, after its first …

May 16 2020

Libya: GNA Drone Attack on al-Watiyah Airbase

According to the footage released by the GNA media, a Turkish-made drone “Bayraktar TB2” have targeted and destroyed a Pantsir-S1 system which was deployed in the airbase earlier today. Al-Watiyah is a large airbase in the northwest of Libya’s Yafren province, 140 km from Tripoli, with a capacity (estimated) of 7,000 to 10,000 troops.Al-Watiya plays an important role in controlling northwestern areas of Libya, and the GNA forces, backed by Turkey, have been conducting operations since May 5 to seize this important airbase. FORUM

May 16 2020

Latest Updates on Libya, 16 May 2020

1. Tripoli:– The LNA artillery bombed the Mitiga airport.– The GNA artillery bombed the LNA positions in the al- Tuwaisha and Souq al-Khamis.– The LNA airstrike on GNA weapon depot in al-Suwani.– The bombardment of university dormitory in the al-Farnaj by the LNA. It’s said that GNA has accommodated the displaced persons in this university. 2. Yafren:– The pro-GNA sources claimed the bombardment of Russian-made air defense systems in the al-Watiah airbase.– The pro-LNA sources claimed the shot down of a Bayraktar TB2 drone belonging to the GNA near the al-Watiah. 3. Bani Walid:– The GNA drones bombed the LNA …

May 14 2020

Video: Arial footage of GNA drone attacks on LNA

What can be seen in this video and past videos of the GNA’s drone bombings is that most of the bombings, carried out by the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone, are against military vehicles and tankers carrying fuel of the LNA, which means that GNA commanders consideres the two components of “man power” and “fuel” as weaknesses of General Haftar’s forces and are targeting them constantly. On the other hand, the LNA supporters also suspended oil fields in Libya since January 20, 2020, in order to cut off oil exports to Europe and reduce the GNA’s revenue. FORUM

May 1 2020

Video: Areal footages of the GNA strikes on LNA

The attacks appear to have been carried out by Turkish drone “Bayraktar TB2”.Clashes between the GNA and the LNA in Tarhunah have intensified since April 18th, and the GNA has failed to capture the city despite heavy airstrikes and advances on the northern axis of the region. FORUM

Apr 17 2020

A Turkish drone shot down in Libya

According to Libyan sources, this is the tenth Turkish drone of this model which is shot down in Libya. FORUM