Jan 23 2021

Rocket attack on Victory Base in Baghdad

According to Iraqi security sources, three rockets were fired at US Victory bas near Baghdad Airport. It is worth mentioning that yesterday, more than 5 attacks were carried out on the logistical convoys of American terrorists in different parts of Iraq, and the group of Ashab al-Kahf claimed responsibility for these attacks. The group also stated that two Spanish advisers had been targeted in one of the attacks. Breaking: Five IED attacks on US assets in Iraq FORUM

Jan 21 2021

Iraq: Terrorist attacks in the center of Baghdad + video

The two terrorist blasts which take plcae in the Bab Sheikh and Bab Sharqi areas and the Tayran Bazaar in central Baghdad led to death of 32 people. Following the three blasts, security measures around Baghdad’s Green Zone were tightened and all main gates to the area were closed. The moment of the second suicide bombing in Baghdad A security source said that in this terrorist attack two suicide bombers exploded themselves in a market in the center of Baghdad. The first terrorist detonated himself in a market in Gharnatah square in front of a electric post and second terrorist …

Dec 30 2020

Limited US missile drill in Baghdad!

The United States has said it has notified the Iraqi army and aviation authority to ensure the safety of Iraqi domestic flights. As the anniversary of the martyrdom of “Nasr”(victory) commanders, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes and Haj Qasim Soleimani approaches, tensions and the security situation in Baghdad and Iraq are increasing day by day. Although Iran has stated through various channels that it will not play and act to avenge the blood of the martyrs when the United States determines it, but the United States is on high alert for fear of Iranian retaliation. FORUM

Dec 26 2020

Iraq: Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq commander released!

After a rocket attack by resistance forces on the Green Zone of Baghdad, one of the commanders of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq was arrested by order of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi. This caused the special forces of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq to be poured in different parts of Baghdad last night in response to this action. But finally, with a 48-hour ultimatum to the Iraqi Prime Minister and mediation by the Iraqi parties, Qasim al-Araji was released and tensions eased. Iraq: Rising tensions in Baghdad FORUM

Jul 26 2020

Iraq: US and Spanish militaries withdrew from Basmaya base

This is done while the base was hit by Iraqi resistance groups four times in Friday. American terrorist soldiers present under the cover of international coalition against ISIS in Iraq have evacuated bases al-Qaem, Habaniya, Qayyarah, Ninewa Operational Command headquarters, K1 and the Basmaya base added to the list on July 25.It marked the handover of the seventh(or sixth) base transferred to the Iraqi forces this year. Basmaya town lays 10 km southeast of Baghdad en route Kut. Basmaya has an important powerplant which produces electricity of Baghdad and Iraq’s energy infrastructure intersects here. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL TO KEEP …

Jul 25 2020

Iraq: Rocket Attack to Basmaya Base South of Baghdad

ISWNews Analysis Group: Four rockets struck the Basmaya base south of Baghdad where US-led coalition troops and NATO trainers are present on 24 July. FORUM

May 12 2020

Syrian Ambassador in Baghdad: The return of 500 Syrians from Iraq this week

Baghdad, SANA_ Syria’s ambassador to Baghdad, Sattam Jadaan al-Dandah, announced the return of 500 Syrian citizens from Iraq this week, as part of the government’s efforts to return Syrians stranded abroad. Al-Dandah, in a statement to SANA correspondent in Baghdad, said that the embassy, based on the directives of the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, had contacted the Syrians residing or stuck in Iraq in order to secure their repatriation. The Ambassador clarified that the number of those wishing to return to the homeland exceeded 1,200, and that the Syrian Airlines had prepared two flights, one of them is next Wednesday …