Apr 12 2021

“An Ordinary Day” harvests gold award at Alexandria short Film Festival

Damascus, SANA-  A short feature film “An Ordinary Day” produced by the General Organization for Cinema, won the Golden award in the 7th edition of Alexandria Short Film Festival, the results of which were announced on Sunday. The film is written and directed by Anas Zwahri  , produced within Youth Cinema Support project for 2019, is an attempt to get closer to the details of the Syrian social environment and to identify its different layers by monitoring stories take place within an area not exceeding a square meter of a taxi driver who wanders around the city streets. The film …

Mar 29 2020

Syria harvests EURODRAM award of the European network for drama 2020

Damascus, SANA_ The text “The Fear” taken from the play “colors Correct” by the writer Samer Mohamed Ismail harvested the EURODRAM award of the European Drama Network 2020 to be translated into French and all the languages ​​accredited in the EURODRAM Network (World Theater Corporation). The text by the writer Ismail submitted to the World Theater Corporation was chosen along with two other texts in Arabic, and the evaluation was carried out by 290 members who formed 29 language juries to read 841 texts that were submitted to the contest last year. The Arabic texts chosen alongside “The Fear” are …