Feb 21 2020

Yemeni Armed Forces Statement on Last Night Attacks to Saudi Arabia

Yahya al-Sari’:– The missile and drone operation was carried out under title of “Third Deterrent Balance Operation” with the Sammad 3 UAVs, the Quds cruise missiles and the Zulfaqar long-range missiles. – In this operation, 12 Sammad 3 UAVs, two cruise missiles and a long-range Zulfaqar missile have targeted the Saudi Aramco oil facilities. – The operation targeted Aramco and other sensitive targets in Yanbu. – This operation is our natural and legal response to enemy crimes in the recent bombing of al-Jawf and the martyrdom and wounding of dozens of women and children… – We respond to any enemy …

Feb 20 2020

Breaking: Severe explosions in the port of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia

Some local sources report a heavy missile attacks by Ansar Allah on the port of Yanbu. But there is no reliable information at this time.Also, some local sources have reported the sighting and destruction of three missiles in the sky.