Jan 9 2021

The conditions of the “Ashab al-Kahf” for a ceasefire with the United States

The “Ashab al-Kahf” group demands the following conditions:– The quick withdrawal of US troops and equipment from Iraq– Stopping the sabotage activities carried out by the Americans in the country– No prosecution and any action against the Islamic Resistance Forces– Preventing the movement of the American forces (military-security) in Iraq Over the past year, following the assassination of General Soleimani and al-Mohandes at Baghdad airport by the United States, attacks by Iraqi resistance forces on American convoys have increased, and US forces are under intense pressure from the Iraqi people and parliament to leave the country. The conditions of Iraqi …

Jul 25 2020

Iraq: Ashab Al-Kahf Downed A US Drone

According to the published images, the attack was carried out with a surface-to-air missile.The group issued a statement announcing the destruction of US drone in retaliation for the martyrdom of two members of the al-Hashd al-Ashayeri members who were targeted by US drone lately. After the attack, American fighter jets began a large-scale air patrol in the area. Al-Siniyah region is of great importance in maintaining the security of the region due to its proximity to K2 airport, as well as the transportation role of Mosul-Tikrit road and Al-Haditha road. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL TO KEEP ISWNews ALIVE! I’d like …

Apr 11 2020

“Ashab al-Kahf” group opposes Mustafa Al-Kazemi

The group “Ashab al-Kahf” is the second group after Kata’ib Hezbollah to oppose al-Kadhimi and attribute him to the United States. FORUM