Apr 28 2021

Syria: Latest military situation of Qamishli city

On April 26, a final agreement was reached between the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Asayish (YPG internal security forces) in Qamishli. According to the agreement, mediated by the Russian military police and the Syrian Democratic Forces, the NDF withdrew from al-Tai neighborhood, except the Abbas Alawi school which is remained as the security center of the Syrian army in the al-Tai neighborhood and few blocks in the south of the neighborhood.The NDF also withdrew from the southern part of the Halko neighborhood, where it had advanced in recent battles. Following the agreement, residents of al-Tai neighborhood, who had fled …

Apr 23 2021

Details of clashes between YPG and Syrian National Defense Forces in Qamishli

According to field sources, the result of the meeting mediated by the Russians was the announcement of a ceasefire until 10 am tomorrow (Saturday), but sources close to Asayish claimed that after the agreement, an RPG was fired at YPG forces by the NDF Forces. Consecutive meetings will be held in the presence of Asayish commanders (YPG internal security) and the NDF commanders under the supervision of Russian forces until a permanent ceasefire is reached in Qamishli. Clashes in Qamishli erupted after Asayish forces stormed an NDF checkpoint and shootings at them. After the incident, YPG forces attacked areas in …

Apr 21 2021

Tensions in Qamishli; Russian mediation to resolve the dispute between the YPG and the NDF

On 20 April at 22:00 local time, YPG forces stationed at a checkpoint attacked a vehicle belonging to the Syrian National Defense Forces, which led to tensions between the two sides. Some sources claimed that five YPG forces were killed and five NDF members were wounded in the clashes. Following the escalation of the conflict, Russian forces have intervened in the city of Qamishli to resolve the dispute between the YPG and the NDF, and talks are currently under way between the two sides, mediated by Russia. The security forces called for the withdrawal of the NDF from al-Tai neighborhood …

Mar 28 2021

SDF security operation at Al-Hawl camp in northeastern Syria

Asayish forces, along with forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), began their deployment on the outskirts of Al-Hawl camp at 4 am today. An informed source said that about 6,000 members of the Asayish forces and SDF are participating in security operations inside the camp with the aim of ending ISIS influence in the area. The SDF operation in the al-Hawl refugee camp began after a series of assassinations, chaos and severe insecurity in the camp. In the past month, ISIS operatives killed at least 15 residents of the camp. FORUM

Apr 23 2020

Turkey Shells Syrian Army In Aleppo. U.S. Threatens To Sink Iranian Ships In Gulf

Donate To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video In the second half of the week the military situation in Syria’s western Aleppo escalated. On April 22, Turkish forces shelled positions of the Syrian Army in western Aleppo. Pro-Turkish sources claimed that this shelling was a response to Syrian Army strikes on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda-linked groups near the villages of Kafr Amma, al-Qasr, Kafr Taal and Kafr Nouran. Pro-government sources described these strikes however as a defensive measure to counter regular ceasefire violations by Turkish-backed …

Apr 22 2020

Govt Forces Clash With Kurdish Militias Amid Israeli Strikes On Central Syria

Donate To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video On April 21, clashes broke out in the city of Qamishly between the Kurdish Asayish, a security force of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and the pro-government National Defense Forces. Local sources claim that NDF units tried to capture several Asayish positions in the city, but failed to do so. Both sides allegedly suffered no casualties. The situation de-escalated rapidly after the Russian Military Police deployed in a nearby area intervened . On April 16, an Asayish checkpoint in the city was …

Feb 17 2020

Article: Damascus policy towards Syrian Democratic Forces and Arab tribes

From the beginning of crisis in Syria, to prevent the protests to expand and reach the biggest minority of the country, the government tried to collaborate and give space to Kurds of the area and Democratic Union Party (PYD) to prepare the situation for presence of military forces of the party in Kurdish inhabited areas. In the following sense, two months after the protests started in Syria in the middle of 2012, the government signed an agreement with the party and let them to come back to Syria. Near the end of 2012, Syrian government supported People’s Protection Units (YPG) …