Apr 25 2020

Images of Armenian genocide still imprinted in minds, hearts of peoples of the world

Damascus, SANA_ Although more than 105 years have elapsed since the Ottomans committed the Armenian genocide, the repercussions of this genocide are still being heard until today in all parts of the world. This genocide is one of the ugliest forms of violations against all humanity. It is repeated today by the Erdogan regime against the peoples and countries of our region, following in the footsteps of the defunct Ottoman Sultanate. The Armenian genocide has left a grave impact on Armenians, perhaps the worst of which is depriving them of their homeland and property, and displacing them in all parts …

Mar 9 2020

Armenian Scouts thank Syria for condemning Armenian genocide

Damascus, SANA_ The Armenian Scouts in Damascus carried out a stand of appreciation towards members of the People’s Assembly for adopting a unanimous resolution recognizing and condemning the genocide committed against the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the twentieth century. The scouts performed the Syrian Arab national anthem and scout performances, expressing greetings and appreciation to the members of the Assembly. During his reception of the members of the scouts who participated in the stand, Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hamouda Sabbagh pointed out to the symbolism and the importance of their stand which coincides with …