Jan 6 2021

Infographic: Ansar Allah’s Report From the Battles of 2020

According to this information, Ansar Allah forces and popular committees: – In 2020, Saudi coalition warplanes carried out more than 8888 airstrikes and 410 drone strikes on 13 Yemeni provinces.Airstrikes have been carried out on Marib province more than 3,621 times, 1981 times in Al-Jawf province and 726 times in Saada province. – More than 974 military operations have been carried out by Ansar Allah forces in 2020, the most prominent of which are Operations “Fa’amkan Minhom”, “Bonyan Al-Marsous” and liberation of “Qifah district”. – Enemy casualties in 2020 were more than 15,366 killed and wounded, of which 6,467 were …