May 2 2020

Latest Updates on Iraq, 2 May 2020

The latest news from these clashes is so:– The Brigade 52 of the Hashd al-Shaabi forces repelled attacks of the ISIS terrorists in the Jisr al-Maftool region in the east of Amirli.According to the news, no casualty for Hashad and ISIS terrorists had to flee. – ISIS attacked on Saraya al-Salaam forces gathering, in the al-Hawish region in the suburb of of Samarra. – The ISIS attack in the Zaghaniyah region in the north of Baquba city was led to an Iraqi soldier martyrdom and wounding several others. – Roadside bomb exploded in the way of Iraqi army convoy in …

Apr 25 2020

ISIS attacks on Iraqi forces in Mosul and al-Anbar

During ISIS forces attack in Ali Rash village in the Makhmur region (located in the south of Mosul) two of Iraqi army soldiers were martyred.ISIS also carried out attacks on Iraqi forces in the suburb of Al Qaim, that there is no news about its casualties. FORUM

Feb 28 2020

Hashad Sha’abi launched an operation “Qadat al-Nasr” in west of al Anbar

Qasim Muslieh, commander of the operation, said that the operation is launched by four brigades (13th, 17-19th) and with support of secretary of Hashad Sha’abi organization.According to the information, ISIS terrorists stay in difficult terrains and supported from outside Iraq.He added, After a two day surveillance mission with help of the army planes, we spotted some military targets. FORUM

Feb 12 2020

Iraqi army operation in al-Anbar province

General Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah, deputy of the operation said: – The operation is done in five axes to cleanse al-Anbar province and areas at the border of Syria and Jordan and to cut the connection of terrorists with other regions. – F-16 fighter planes are participating. – In the first stage of the operation 26,238 km2 was cleaned.