Jul 1 2021

Withdrawal of Italian troops from Afghanistan

According to Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini, the Italian military has handed over Herat Airport and control of their section to the Afghan Army Local media also reported heavy explosions at Italian base at Herat Airport in recent weeks. Afghan military officials told the media that the Italians had destroyed a large number of their armored vehicles and weapons before evacuating their base in Herat. Italian troops have entered Afghanistan since 2001 as part of the NATO alliance and during this period, they were in full control of Herat Airport. Italy has sent 50,000 troops to various missions in Afghanistan …

Jul 1 2021

Withdrawal of German troops from Afghanistan

German Defense Minister Anne-Great Kramp Karrenbauer announced in a tweet that the process of withdrawing German troops from Afghanistan and evacuating military bases in the country had been completed. Following the cancellation of the plan to extend its military presence in Afghanistan until January 2022, on May 1 this year, this process began in early May 2021. According to local sources, Germany has withdrawn 1,100 troops from the Marmal base on the outskirts of Mazar-e-Sharif from Afghanistan. According to the latest statistics on the number of foreign troops in Afghanistan, Germany had the second largest military troops in Afghanistan after …

Jun 9 2021

US top general remarks regarding Iran’s drone prowess

General McKenzie said in a briefing session with House Armed Services Committee: “Iran’s widespread use of small and medium-sized drones for surveillance and aggression means that, for the first time since the Korean War, we are not operating with complete air superiority, and Iran has used drones to destroy American full air superiority.” – While indirect negotiation between Iran and USA is happening in Vienna, Iran is a daily threat for US and its allies in west of Asia. – Iran backed Houthis in Yemen (AnsarAllah) attacked military, infrastructure and civilian targets in Saudi Arabia 150 times using drone and …

May 22 2021

Withdrawal of Georgian troops from Afghanistan

Georgia has begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan following the end of NATO military operations in Afghanistan, and this process has recently been completed.The Georgian troops were under the German command and stationed at the Camp Marmal east of Mazar-e-Sharif, numbering about 100 people. It is noteworthy that the forces of other countries are still present in this base. Georgia has had about 871 troops in Afghanistan in recent years, stationed at the Bagram base in Parwan province and the Camp Marmal in Balkh province, whose mission is to train, advise and assist Afghan security forces.According to the Georgian Ministry of …

May 17 2021

Withdrawal of Spanish troops from Afghanistan

According to the announcement, King Felipe VI, Spanish Prime Minister and Minister of Defense will be present at the ceremony of returning and welcoming the Spanish troops to their country, and at the same time, a memorial service will be held for the Spanish killed in the war in Afghanistan. In order to join and cooperate with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Spain has participated in the war in Afghanistan since 2002 by sending 350 troops, increasing this number to more than a thousand at one time. According to Spanish officials, 27,100 members of the Spanish army have taken …

Apr 28 2021

US casualties in Yemen!

The US Navy says in a statement that one of its soldiers was killed and three others were wounded during an operation in Yemen. The statement did not specify the exact location of the operation, but the casualties were likely the result of clashes with al-Qaeda militants in southern Yemen. FORUM

Mar 2 2021

German and NATO forces number increasing in Afghanistan

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said in her recent remarks to increase number of German troops in Afghanistan up to 1,300 soldiers and if the security situation of the region worsens, we should talk about a new task. It is noteworthy that Germany extended its troops mission time in Afghanistan for 10 more months until 31 January 2022 and sent the bill to the parliament for voting.German officials believe that the reducing number of NATO forces or withdrawing from Afghanistan should be according to the advance of peace talk between Afghanistan government and Taliban and stepping back in this issue can endanger the …

Feb 18 2021

NATO decision to expand the activities in Iraq

They will have a joint online conference to investigate a plan to increase the presence of NATO in Iraq and middle east. If this resolution is voted for, the NATO forces increase from 500 to 4,000 or 5,000 in Iraq. Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO said on Monday that he expects that the DMs of NATO members pass the bill and dispatch more forces for the security of the west of Asia. He stressed that this mission will expand according to the situation. NATO is in Iraq since 2018 for the training and consulting. After assassination of general Soleimani …

Jan 12 2021

US secretary of state meeting with Mossad chief in Washington

Yossi Cohen and Pompeo meeting was done just before secretary of state speech on Tuesday, during which he revealed some evidences regarding alleged Iran and Al Qaeda relations. According to Israelis, some evidences of operation to kill Abu Muhammad al-Misri, Al Qaeda number two, in Tehran will be released. Western media claimed that Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah with the title Abu Muhammad al-Misri, al Qaeda number two, was assassinated in Tehran, before. FORUM

Jan 4 2021

Delivery of the second series of the Iron Dome system to the US Army

The Hebrew-language newspaper Ma’ariu stated that the delivery of the Iron Dome platforms to the US military take place within the framework of the agreement signed in August 2019 between the US and the Zionist regime. The Zionist regime delivered the first series of this system to the US Army in October of this year.The US military announced its intention to purchase the two Iron Dome systems in February 2019, and an agreement to purchase it from Israel was signed by officials on both sides in August 2019, following a permit from the Department of Defense. FORUM

Jun 13 2020

Suspicious death of another black man in America!

Robert Fuller’s body was found hanging from a tree near City Hall in Palmdale, California on June 10. Although officials claim that Robert Fuller’s death was most likely a suicide, the autopsy results have not yet been released. However the people and many American lawyer and political figures, do not accept the police’s claim, and call it unacceptable, and are pursuing the matter closely. In recent years, Palmdale has been the scene of the activities of the racist group KKK, and many racist behaviors such as noose displays. If it is proven that Robert Fuller was killed by racists, it …

Jun 2 2020

Trump’s signals for crack down on US citizens!

Trump yesterday declared the Antifa a terrorist group & now claims that the riots & all the sabotage in recent days are made by this group; The group must be completely suppressed, & special forces must be deployed in addition to the police & the National Guard. In fact, these words and all the words that are expressed in support of it, is a pretext for justifying possible future killings in US, & if more people are killed by the special forces, ‌‌‌‌‌with this justification, these people are not ordinary people but Antifa people! FORUM

Jun 2 2020

Video: Unprecedented Protest in US!

Download video FORUM

Jun 1 2020

Anonymous returns: Hacker group targets police, Trump administration + Video

Simultaneously with this video the Minneapolis police website good hacked by this group in the last 48 hours. This group has threatened the American government that if they attack the protesters same thing will happen to other governmental websites of America. The Anonymous hacktivist group is a a group of decentralized hackers and experts of security and computer networks from all around the world which began their work from 2004. In recent years there was no special news about this group, but their return in America’s demonstration, publishing a video file and warning the American government have made them to …

May 31 2020

Latest statistics and information on US protests

According to the latest available info, which obviously cannot be very accurate with this volume of demonstrations: – Since Tuesday, more than 1700 protesters have been arrested by US police and security forces in various US cities. – Accurate statistics on the number of killed and injured are not available. – At least 13 cities or counties in different parts of the United States have declared curfew. – The National Guard was activated in Minnesota, Georgia, Washington and other states to suppress the protesters. – At least 100 demonstrations has sparked in the various areas in the United States in …

May 26 2020

Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Caribbean Sea

– The Forest tanker is heading west and likely to Amuay Refinery. – The Petunia tanker is in north of Trinidad and Tobago, approaching Venezuelan territorial waters. – The Fortune tanker has moored at the El Palito refinery since yesterday. FORUM

May 25 2020

Breaking: Iranian oil tanker Fortune has moored at the refinery of El Palito in Venezuela


May 24 2020

Video: First footage of Iranian tanker in Venezuelan territorial waters


May 23 2020

The latest situation of Iranian tankers in the Atlantic Ocean

The Fortune tanker will enter Venezuelan waters in the next few hours. FORUM

May 22 2020

Iranian oil tankers near Venezuelan territorial waters!

Images show that two tankers (Fortune and Petunia) are approaching Venezuelan territorial waters and three other are following them in Atlantic Ocean.According to current location of Fortune it will probably reach its final destination in less than 48 hours which is earlier than expected. Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Atlantic Ocean FORUM

May 20 2020

F-35A Fighter Jet Crashes In Florida

The Eglin Air Force Base is the main training base for F-35 fighter jets, and after Tyndall Air Force Base was heavily damaged by Hurricane Michael, the Eglin AFB also host F-22 Raptor fighter jets and its training. This is the second crash of an aircraft operating in this area less than a week, with an F-22 Raptor going down on Friday, May 15th. FORUM

May 17 2020

Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

– The Clavel oil tanker is moving north of Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. (~ETA: June 2) – The Faxon oil tanker is moving north of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. (~ETA: May 29) – The Forest oil tanker is moving in the Atlantic Ocean. (The last announced position is for May 14; transponder is turned off) – The Petunia oil tanker is moving west of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. (~ETA: May 25) – The Fortune oil tanker is moving in the Atlantic Ocean. (The last announced position is for May 16; transponder is turned off) Iranian tankers en …

May 6 2020

Purple heart medals for injured soldiers due to Iran’s missile attack to Ain al-Assad!

According to American terrorist army spokesperson, in a ceremony 29 soldiers injured in Iran’s missile attack to Ain al Assad were awarded purple heart medals.It is while according to US officials claimed 110 soldiers were injured. Purple heart is a military medal given to US soldiers who lost their lives or injured by enemy attack.Is headache and brain injury part of qualifications for this medal? FORUM

Apr 29 2020

Video: The Corona Outbreak: Iran vs. US


Apr 12 2020

The US Secretary of Defense’s unconventional visit to Iraq

In this regard, today Barham Salih the Iraq’s president went to the Mohamed al-Halbousi’s house in Fallujah. It is being said that these two Iraqi officials went to Ain Al-Asad to meet with Mark Esper. Also there are news about that Mostafa Al-Kadhimi met with Esper too in Aind Al-asad. However, these meetings have not been confirmed yet by the officials sources. P.S. The meeting between Barham Salih (The Kurd president) and Al-Halbousi (Sunni) with an American minister specially in Ain Al-Asad base is against the international customes, diplomatic relations and independence of a country. FORUM

Apr 11 2020

US reward for any information about high commander of Lebanon’s Hezbollah

Some media claimed that Kawtharani is responsible for Iraq’s desk in Hezbollah and responsible for training and arming Iraqi groups. FORUM

Apr 2 2020

US evacuates Habaniyah base and its civilians from the embassy

American terrorists unexpectedly left Habaniyah base, east of Ramadi and al Anbar province, and went to Ain al Assad base. There are news that all civilians of US embassy in Baghdad are transported to Ain al Assad base. In previous days, US evacuated bases al-Qaem in Al Anbar province, K1 in Kirkuk, Qayyarah in south of Mosul and part of Nineveh operation base. FORUM

Mar 29 2020

Did U.S. intend to attack Iraqi groups?

In this report, NYT addressed several points including issuing the order to destroy Kataib Hizbollah, objection of Mark Esper and some army commanders with the plan and possibility of engagement with Iran. In previous days, Kataib Hizbollah officials reported of US plan to attack resistance groups as well and threatened US by attacking their financial and military points. Some comments regarding this issue:1. Resistance groups and US confrontation is inevitable, since resistance groups such as Kataib Hizbollah, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, al-Nujaba, etc. are the main threat to US interests in Iraq and the region. In addition, Iraqis have not answered …

Mar 13 2020

Video: US airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi positions in Iraq

In addition to Jurf al-Sakhr, US warplanes have bombed an airport in Karbala as well as al-Bukamal (in eastern Syria) and areas in Salah al-Din province. The US Department of Defense has claimed attacks on Iranian-backed positions. According to a statement issued by the Joint Iraqi Operations Command in the US airstrikes, a total of 6 people were martyred (including 3 military personnel, 2 Babil province police and one worker at Karbala airport) and 12 people (6 military personnel, 2 police, 5 Hashd al-Shaabi 46th Brigade forces and one person at Karbala airport) were injured. Iraqi resistance groups have condemned …

Mar 10 2020

US forces number decreasing started in Afghanistan

According to USA-Taliban agreement, US forces should decrease from 13 thousand to 8,600 troops in 135 days. In case Taliban obliges to the agreement, US will withdraw its forces completely in a 14 months period. US decision to decrease troops in Afghanistan happens while Afghanistan is experiencing political crisis and increasing tension between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah following Afghanistan election result was announced. In case two sides do not reach agreement, there is a high chance of civil war in Kabul and other towns. FORUM

Feb 17 2020

Taliban: Agreement with US will be signed soon

The details of the peace agreement is finalized and it will be signed before the end of February.Taliban negotiation with USA for peace in Afghanistan started from 12 October 2018 until now and the axes of talk are occupiers evacuating Afghanistan, Taliban ending attacks and Afghan groups start to negotiate.

Feb 17 2020

Deploying Patriot systems and Danish soldiers to Ain al Asad base

Trine Bramsen , the Minister of Defence of Denmark, said that the troops will return on March 1 to Ain al Asad base. After Iran’s missile attack to Ain al Asad base, Denmark pulled back its 130 troops from Ain al Asad and stopped all of their training and other activities.Karim Aliyawi Iraqi MP, reported of installing Patriot SAMs in Ain al Asad base. P.S. USA is under pressure by Iraqi groups to evacuate Iraq, is now trying to cheat and stay and increase the security of its forces. Agreement with Kurds to erect new based in Iqlim, pulling out …

Feb 16 2020

Details of US-Taliban agreement

This is a preliminary agreement to reduce violence in seven days and in the whole country including government forces. According to western media, the statement regarding the agreement will be released in next week. Frame of the agreement is as follows,1. Taliban is obliged to stop suicide, missile and ground attacks for seven days. 2. USA is monitoring the agreement in these seven days.3. In case of American officials satisfaction of Taliban, the agreement will be extended. The second agreement will be signed near the end of February and talks between Afghan groups will start from March 10 in Norway …

Feb 15 2020

Syrian Commander: America Brings Only Destruction + Video

In a conversation American commander tells Syrian commander: We are here to bring peace like Russians! The Syrian commander replies: Everywhere Americans go they bring destruction and death, you’re not welcome here. Two days ago US military caravan was stopped by people in Hamu area, east of Qamishli and one youth was martyred by Americans in the engagement.The number of protests to Americans presence in northeast of Syria is increasing.

Feb 12 2020

Qamishli people clashes with the American occupation troops + Video

The deadly clash occurred after hundreds of people from the villages of Khirbet Ammo and Hamou gathered to stop US vehicles passing through a Syrian army checkpoint. In response to the attack by the American occupation forces, the locals damaged four of the US armored vehicles, while the occupation forces rushed to bring reinforcements to the area that include 5 armored vehicles, to withdraw their damaged vehicles and evacuate their personnel. Also, reports indicated that the US warplanes attacked the area and covered up the withdrawal of the convoy. Clashes between local forces and US forces in east of Qamishli

Feb 12 2020

109 US Troops Suffered Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries!

This is at least the fifth time the US. has increased the number of personnel injured during the Iranian attack. Trump initially reported no US. troops were harmed! but it seems the story continues…

Feb 10 2020

Details of attack on American soldiers in Nangarhar

Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 29 years old from San Antonio, Texas and Antonio Rey Rodriguez, 28 years old from Las Cruces, New Mexico, were killed in engagement with Afghan troops in Shirzad town, Nangarhar province. Afghan ministry of defense said: An individual opening fire on army and foreign soldiers, one Afghan and two American troops were killed and three army and six foreign soldiers wounded. The attacker was killed, said by Nangarhar officials.

Feb 9 2020

Clashes between Afghan Army and US troops in Nangarhar

It is said that these clashes have happened during joint operation of US forces and Afghan army and due to verbal tension of the two sides forces in the city of Shirzad in the Nangarhar province.The US Ministry of Defense has announced the casualties of this clashes as 2 killed and 6 wounded, some local sources in Afghanistan have informed of killing 8 personnel. The cause of this clash has not been cleared yet, some sources have announced that this attack has done by Taliban that isn’t true. Also the Taliban news sources have not published any news in this …