Jan 4 2022

Latest Updates on Shabwa Fronts, 4 January 2021

According to the ISWNews field source, the conflict between Ansar Allah and the Saudi-led forces is centered on the northern areas of al-Naqub, Selm mountain and al-Safra, located in the south of Usaylan. In the past few hours, some pro-Saudi media claimed that the Saudi-led forces have captured the town of al-Naqub and the surrounding villages, which does not correspond to the field realities. Currently, only the villages of Hid ibn Aqil and al-Hajar are completely under the control of the Saudi coalition, and the other villages are empty of the control of both sides. The Amaliqah forces intend to …

Jan 2 2022

Latest updates on Shabwa fronts, 2 January 2022

According to the latest news from the western front of Shabwa province, the attack of the Amaliqah forces on the al-Safra, Areh and Wadi Markhah fronts has met with Ansar Allah resistance, and clashes continue in these areas. Amaliqah forces also entered the city of Usaylan in an agreement with the Belharith tribes and attacked Ansar Allah positions in the villages south of Usaylan. It should be noted that after the withdrawal of the Saudi coalition from the city of Usaylan on September 20, the control of this city fell into the hands of the Belharith tribes. Ansar Allah also …

Jul 5 2021

Ansar Allah drone attack on a gathering of Saudi-led forces in al-Hudaydah

More than a dozen al-Amaliqah militants were killed and wounded during the drone strike, which have been carried out by a Qasef 2k suicide drone. It is worth mentioning that the Saudi-led forces have violated the ceasefire in al-Hudaydah province 295 times in the last 48 hours. Also during this period, Saudi coalition warplanes carried out four airstrikes on the al-Salif and al-Araj areas, and coalition drones bombed al-Faza and al-Jabaliya areas three times and al-Tuhaita district twice. Military Knowledge: Qasef 2K Suicide Drone FORUM