Apr 19 2021

Alouk water station suspended for 19th time due to Turkish occupation practices

Hasaka, SANA- For the 19th time in a row, Alouk water station in the countryside of Ras al-Ayn in the northern countryside of Hasaka has completely stopped as a result of the practices of Turkish occupation that loots electricity dedicated to running the station. General Director of the Water Establishment in Hasaka , Mahmoud al-Oukla, told SANA that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries stole the electricity dedicated to Alouk station coming from al-Derbasiyah power station during the past few days, which led to the suspension of the station with its regular capacity to resume pumping water to the people …

Mar 22 2020

Turkey-backed terrorists cut off drinking water from Hasaka and its surroundings

Related Articles Hasaka, SANA – The Turkish regime and its terrorist mercenaries resumed cutting off drinking water from Hasaka province. SANA reporter said that the Turkish regime and its terrorist mercenaries deprived more than 600 thousand citizens in Hasaka city, Tal Tamer, and the surrounding population centers from drinking water by stopping work at Alouk water station. The Turkish regime and its mercenaries had cut off the drinking water form Hasaka and its surroundings several times, as Alouk water station is the main source of drinking water for citizens in those areas. Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh FORUM

Mar 5 2020

Pumping of drinking water from Alouk water plant into Hasaka city resumed

Hasaka, SANA- General Company for Drinking Water in Hasaka Province started to pump drinking water from Alouk water plant into Hasaka city after water have been cut off by Turkish regime’s forces and their mercenaries of terrorist organizations for more than 11 days as they have established control over the plant and prevented the workers from entering and operating it. Director General of the Company Mahmoud al-Okla told SANA reporter that the workshops of the company entered on Thursday morning the plant and started to operate it as the process of pumping the water to al-Hemma station, west of Hasaka city has been resumed as a first …