Mar 7 2021

Aftermath of Russian missile strikes on illegal oil reservoirs in Aleppo

Satellite imagery shows that the Russian missile attacks using Tochka missiles on illegal oil reservoirs and fuel tankers on March 5 caused widespread fire and destruction of several fuel tankers. The militants blamed Russia for the missile strikes. A media close to the militants claimed in a report that Russian warships fired three missiles from the Mediterranean into illegal oil reservoirs in northern Aleppo. The attack reportedly destroyed more than 180 trucks and tankers, killing at least four people and injuring 24 others. FORUM

Feb 23 2020

Public gathering and scouts march in Aleppo celebrating the victories of the Syrian Arab Army

Aleppo, SANA – The President Square in Aleppo city witnessed on Sunday a public gathering in celebration of the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo countryside and the defeat of terrorists in the surrounding of the city. The gathering, which saw the participation of the union of charities and associations for people with special needs, included artistic performances presented by the participating children. In the same context, al-Yarmouk Club and the Scouts Regiments 7 and 8 which belong to the Aleppo Armenian Orthodox Parish organized a march led by the marching band. The march began at the …

Feb 17 2020

Map: Latest Military Situation in Western Aleppo

The most important areas liberated from today morning: Anjarah, Hawr, Qasemiyah, Salum, Bala, Basartun, Qabtan al-Jabal, Jabal mountain, Sheikh Aqil, Baqdaniya.At the moment Syrian army forces are near Regiment 111 and after it, Darat Izza is not very far… Click to see the full size map

Feb 16 2020

Map: Syrian Army and Resistance axis great victory in Aleppo province

In today’s advances in west of Aleppo, an area of 180 km2 was liberated from terrorists. Also in the shortest distance, terrorist were repelled at least for 10 km from Aleppo city. The road of Aleppo to Nubl and Zahraa was liberated after many years eventually. Some of the areas liberated today:Biyanon, Tal Muasybin, Hayyan, Kafr Hamra, Andan, Hraytan, Maarat al-Artiq, Mallah, Al-Layarmun, Salat, Laf Dael, Yaqid al-Adas, Kafr Bissin, Babis, Bashantra, Bashqatin, Hutah and many other farms and hights and residental areas… Maybe after liberating Aleppo city in previous years, today’s achievements can be as important as it. The …

Feb 15 2020

Map: Latest military situation in west of Aleppo, 15 February 2020

Our sources from west of Aleppo have stated that the Syrian army will resume its advancements tomorrow on the axis of Tal Shuwayhana and Kafr Dael.The liberation of Kafr Dael is a major and fundamental step in closing the pocket of terrorists in northwest of Aleppo city in the areas of Kafr Hamra, Hraytan, Andnan, Hayan.Also, from tomorrow two humanitarian corridors will be opened near the Kafr Nouran and Sarmin for evacuation of civilians from the Aleppo and Idlib provinces. Interactive map Click to see the full size map

Feb 15 2020

Breaking: Ajil and Uwayjil liberated in western Aleppo

According to our sources from Aleppo city, Ajil and Uwayjil areas are liberated. We will publish the new map after the stabilizing and cleansing the area.

Feb 15 2020

Map: Syrian army’s strategic advances in west of Aleppo city

The liberation of the Rashedin 1 and Military Research Center plays a crucial role in securing the city of Aleppo and protecting civilians from the militants mortar attacks. Currently, clashes between the Syrian army and the Tahrir al-Sham terrorists are continuing in the al-Mansoura, Halaqim and north of Kafr Naha. Terrorist attacks on the Syrian army’s positions have also been repelled so far. According to some field information, Resistance forces, the Syrian army and Kurdish forces have launched joint attacks from the southern axis of Nubl and Zahraa against the terrorist positions in the Sheikh Aqil, Kafr Bissin. P.S. All …

Feb 13 2020

Map: Latest military situation in southwest Aleppo

Areas Rif al-Muhandisin 1 and 2, Orum al-Soghra and Kafr Jom Gharbi in the west of M5 highway were liberated. At the moment the operation toward Orum al-Kobra and Kafr Naha is continuing.It is noteworthy that in despite of maps released by other sources that show M5 highway is reclaimed by Syrian army entirely, it is not correct since Tahrir al Sham snipers still present in Khan Tuman silos. (local time 21:00) Click to see the full size map

Feb 12 2020

Breaking: Syrian army and allies liberated Abu Shulaym south of Kalariya and Tal al-Hindisah west of Sahfiyyin in southwest of Aleppo