Feb 11 2021

The cleansing of the Alawite areas of eastern Turkey resumed

The operation, dubbed “Eren-7 Mercan-Munsuz”, is being carried out to clear areas of Tunceli province in eastern Anatolia, with 1,062 troops. The province is divided into Pulumur, Ovacik, Nazimiye, Hozat, Cemisgezek, Pertek, Mazgirt and Tunceli Merkezi districts, and the Kurds of Kurmanji and Zazaki call this province Dersim (Silver Gate), while the Turkish government uses Tunceli (Bronze fist) to name it. Map of Tunceli – Dersim province It is worth mentioning that during the “Dersim genocide” which took place in two stages from March 20 to November 1937 and January 2 to December 1938, the Turkish army carried out a …