Jul 1 2021

Ansar Allah released footages of drone operation against Saudi coalition on Wadi’ah crossing

On the other hand, after the Wadi’ah military camp was targeted, the media affiliated with the Saudi coalition confirmed Ansar Allah’s drone attack, killing three people and injuring 50 others. AnsarAllah released Information of attack on Wadiah crossing Military Knowledge: Qasef 2K Suicide Drone FORUM

Jun 25 2021

AnsarAllah released Information of attack on Wadiah crossing

The Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’: “The Army Air Force was able to carry out a large-scale military operation against the Saudi-American coalition training camp in the Al-Wadi’ah area, using 10 Qassef 2K drones. In this attack, the command center, training areas and different parts of the camp were targeted. In addition to killing a number of Saudi officers, the operation killed and wounded more than 60 coalition mercenaries. The operation took place over the past two days, and video footage of it will be released, God willing.” P.S: Despite the statements of the spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces, in …

Jun 19 2021

AnsarAllah attacks Saudi coalition bases in northern Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia

Ansar Allah also attacked positions of Saudi coalition in Khamis Mushait in southern Saudi Arabia with two suicide drones. On the other hand, the Saudi coalition claims to shoot down seven Ansar Allah drones in the southern skies of Saudi Arabia. The attacks come as Mohammed Abdulsalam, Ansar Allah’s spokesman and chief negotiator, said in a recent statement that Oman’s mediation had failed in recent talks with Saudi Arabia. The exact details of the attack have not yet been announced by a spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces. In the coming hours, it will be clear whether the large-scale operation …