May 1 2021

Al-Qaeda terrorist group launches operations against Ansar Allah in Yemen

The operation was launched against Ansar Allah positions in the Tala’at al-Hamra area west of Marib, al-Alam front in al-Jawf province and al-Suma’a and al-Zahir areas in the al-Baydha province. Ansar Allah has so far managed to repel al-Qaeda attacks and more than 20 al-Qaeda terrorists have been killed in al-Baydha province so far, according to Saudi coalition sources. The Saudi coalition’s support for al-Qaeda in the fight against Ansar Allah comes as the Saudis claim that Iran has links to al-Qaeda and their support for the terrorist group around the world! The main question is why the West has …

Mar 11 2021

Al Qaeda attacks in February 2021

There were about 430 operations in different countries from India, Afghanistan to Africa, Syria, Arabian peninsula and Baluchestan, which resulted in death of 1303 and injury of 765 people. Al Qaeda focused on Afghanistan by launching 219 operations and killing 932 and wounding 539 people. FORUM

Apr 19 2020

Forming an Islamic government from the US viewpoint; first the green light and finally the destruction

Effort for achieving to Islamic civilization through the Islamic system and state in the Iranian Islamic revolution’s Shiite belief, and from the other hand establishment the Islamic caliphate of Messenger of God and establishment of the caliphate state or the Islamic state are from duals that the West have much emphasis for discussing them in the world religious and political literature. As if the Islamist countries and groups policy is only that to form a government anyway and every religion call its followers right and issue the jihad fatwa for maintaining and helping to this government, to consider killed persons …