May 1 2021

Al-Qaeda terrorist group launches operations against Ansar Allah in Yemen

The operation was launched against Ansar Allah positions in the Tala’at al-Hamra area west of Marib, al-Alam front in al-Jawf province and al-Suma’a and al-Zahir areas in the al-Baydha province. Ansar Allah has so far managed to repel al-Qaeda attacks and more than 20 al-Qaeda terrorists have been killed in al-Baydha province so far, according to Saudi coalition sources. The Saudi coalition’s support for al-Qaeda in the fight against Ansar Allah comes as the Saudis claim that Iran has links to al-Qaeda and their support for the terrorist group around the world! The main question is why the West has …

Apr 28 2020

Latest Updates on al-Baydha Front, 27 April 2020

According to the latest news from the Mukayras front, Saudi coalition forces have stopped in Taran mountain (east of Aqaba Al Tharah) and Saleh Al Shajari forces have attacked on al-Aqlah region in the west of Al Sumaah district, with the help of Al-Qaeda members.Al Amer tribes also clashed today with Al-Qaeda forces, that in these clashes 12 of two sides have been killed and 7 been wounded. In the al-Baydha province, in the al-Sumaah and al-Zaher fronts, Ansar Allah forces are clashing with united tribes and Al-Qaedah, and in northern front of Radaa district are clashing with ISIS. Meanwhile, …

Mar 8 2020

Role of AnsarAllah’s recent operations in Yemen’s situation

1. Summary of Ansar Allah’s operation in recent months:AnsarAllah’s operation started from Nihm district in northeast of Sanaa and continued in west of Marib and after severe engagement in recent days resulted in liberation of districts al-Khalaq and al-Ghayl, and capital of al Jawf, al-Hazm.Goals of this operation were primarily lowering the risk of fall of the capital and secondly answering the violation of the agreement by Mansoor Hadi’s resigned government. Also Ansar Allah is trying to make peace with the resigned government. Although resigned government is facing inside discords but still united to fight Ansar Allah and no peace. …