May 13 2020

Image: Ansar Allah operation in al-Mahashima region

The liberation of al-Mahashimah region and its suburb heights, was done during the Fa’amkon Minhom operation on March 11.The role of these regions, is important in the security of the western districts of al-Jawf province and reaching to the al-Khanjar base, and also threatening the Saudi coalition positions in al-Yatmah. Ansar Allah also succeeded to liberate the al-Khanjar base on April 12. Now, the clashes in the northern front of al-Jawf province, have been stopped in the south and west of al-Yatmah and suburb of al-Buqa. FORUM

Apr 29 2020

Video: Operation for liberating the eastern regions of al-Hazm by Ansar Allah

The distance of al-Labanat base with al-Hazm city is 50 kilometer and 90 km with Ma’rib. This base was kind of a connecting point between Ma’rib and al-Jawf and the presence of Saudi-led coalition forces in that area would be equal to fall of al-Hazm once again. Ansar Allah for taking control of the al-Jawf province must first liberate the three bases, al-Labanat & al-Kanayes & al-Khanjar, from the hands of the Saudi-led coalition. Right now al-Labanat and al-Khanjar are liberated and the operation in al-Jawf still continues. FORUM

Mar 11 2020

Map: Latest military Situation on the Najran – Hazm fronts, 11 March 2020

– Al-Hazm front– Al-Mahashamah front– Al-Yatmah front– Al-Ajasher front– Al-Boqa’ front On the al-Hazm front, with the liberation of the al-Hazm town and continuation of operations by AnsarAllah and Popular Committees in the depths of the eastern deserts of al-Hazm to the important al-Labanat military base, the Saudi coalition effectively lost its leverages for further and possible future operations toward Saadah and Amran provinces; and even more importantly, the security of the Saudi coalition positions in the Marib province declined sharply.Currently, Ansar Allah operation continues on the north axis of the al-Labanat base, and with the completion of advances on …