Feb 5 2021

Latest Updates on Al Jawf, 5 February 2021

The latest updates on Al Jawf province indicate that Saudi coalition launched a heavy attack in east of Maraziq and Dhahrah since yesterday which hasn’t been successful due to Ansar Allah resistance, thus no change in front lines so far.Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Dhahrah area eight times and Salbah area two times in Khab and Shaaf district. The coalition artillery shelled AnsarAllah positions in east of Maraziq and Khanjar base. Following cleansing Maas base and controlling most of Marib-Sanaa road, Ansar Allah has ceased the attacks in Marib and Al Jawf fronts even after troops were deployed to the fronts. …

Jul 25 2020

What was Ansar Allah’s hard blow to Saudi coalition in Al-Jawf battle?

Ansar Allah’s blows to Mansour Hadi’s resigned government military system, which is mainly from Islah Party, were so hard in Faamkan Minhom operation that it is a long story.Ansar Allah had six missile and 54 drone attacks to Saudi coalition positions, that only one of their results is killing 13 commanders of Mansour Hadi. In the picture, only 5 senior commanders of this party can be seen who were killed in Ansar Allah’s precision missile attack on February 29, 2020. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL TO KEEP ISWNews ALIVE!   I’d like to thank readers for their confidence and support. Thanks …

May 24 2020

Yemen: Repelling Saudi coalition attack to Ansar Allah in al-Jawf

Saudi coalition forces with support of Marib tribes in recent days (21 and 22 May) attacked Ansar Allah positions from Labanat base to al-Aqsha’ and Nadar heights in east of Hazm front which was repelled by Ansar Allah decisive defense. Ansar Allah’s tactic in this battle was to retreat apparently and tempt the coalition forces to open plains and target their AFVs and vehicles by accurate anti armor missiles.Wrong tactics on ground and blind air support by Saudi coalition were main reasons of their failure. Saudi coalition warplanes performed more than 40 fruitless air strikes to these areas. FORUM

Apr 8 2020

Latest updates on al Jawf front, 8 April 2020

Mansoor Hadi forces with help of several tribes from Marib and Saudi coalition air support attacked base al-Labanat and heights al-Aqsha’, al-Barash and Arfaj.Labanat base is in control by Ansar Allah but considering the Saudi coalition amount of fire on it, probably it will fall. We don’t have any confirmed news from our sources in north of al Jawf and recapturing Khanjar base cannot be confirmed yet. Engagements in districts Khab and Shaaf are still continuing and in the past 24 hours so far, Saudi coalition warbirds performed 15 airstrikes. FORUM

Apr 1 2020

Saudi-led forces large retreat in southwest of al-Jawf

After several days of heavy battle and Ansar Allah’s decisive attacks, Saudi-led coalition forces retreated from areas Sayl, Andar, Barsh mountain and Arfaj, and also al-Labanat base. Ansar Allah attacked al-Aqsha’ mountain and it is expected advances continue in Marib province soon. It is said that Mansoor Hadi forces along with forces from tribes Murad and Obaidah are deployed to al-Jawf to reclaim the lost areas and battle is continuing and the advances are not fully stabilized yet. FORUM

Mar 8 2020

Negotiation in Marib, decision in Riyadh!

UN envoy in Yemen Martin Griffits has recently traveled to Marib and has had an important meeting with Mansoor Hadi’s resigned government officials. According to some officials of the resigned government, in this meeting Griffits beside presenting the Ansar Allah suggestions, has informed of their non withdrawal from the al-Jawf and the Nihm fronts.In his media remarks he also has demanded stopping the Ansar Allah operations and unconditional negotiation. In this regard, Muhammad Abdusalam spokesman and negotiator of Ansar Allah has announced stopping the attacks and ending the Yemen blockade, as a solution for starting the political negotiations; and has …