Apr 7 2021

Large Russian logistical convoy en route to Ain Issa

The Russian convoy consists of 55 military vehicles, 200 Russian military police, electronic equipment and jamming systems. The convoy entered the city of Tabqah, which is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and will soon move towards Syrian Army positions in the Ain Issa area. Also on Monday, Russian forces sent reinforcements from their base in the city of Tal Tamar to the 93rd Brigade of the Syrian Army, located south of the town of Ain Issa. FORUM

Mar 24 2021

Scattered battles between Turkish militants and Syrian Democratic Forces in the Ain Issa area

According to the SDF, in the last three days of fighting between the SDF and Turkish militants near Ain Issa, 37 Turkish-backed militants were killed and 18 others were wounded. The SDF also denied the Turkish Defense Ministry’s claim of SDF casualties, saying only four SDF members had been killed and four others wounded in recent fighting. Turkey has previously said that 35 SDF members have been killed in fighting in recent days. FORUM

Feb 4 2021

Turkish occupation forces and mercenaries launch artillery shells attack on vicinity of Ain Issa town, Raqqa countryside

Raqqa, SANA- Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist organizations renewed their artillery shells attacks on the surroundings of Ain Issa town from their positions in Raqqa northern countryside. Local sources told SANA that the forces of the Turkish occupation and terrorist groups affiliated to them targeted on Thursday the vicinity of Ain Issa town, north of Raqqa with heavy artillery, causing material damage to the locals’ properties and agricultural lands. The sources added that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have recently intensified their attacks on these areas to force the locals to leave them and to enable …

Feb 1 2021

Turkish military base in north of Ain Issa

Turkish Army also built a communication tower in north of M4 highway near Ain Issa last month. In the last two months the tension between Turkish-backed militants and the SDF increased in suburbs of Ain Issa town dramatically.Turkish-backed militants had unsuccessful efforts to occupy several villages near Ain Issa town several times by violating the ceasefire. Syria: Turkey and Russia agreement on Ain Issa Russian MP built several watch posts inside and outside of Ain Issa town to prevent militia operation in Ain Issa area. Nevertheless, the sporadic conflicts and artillery duels between SDF and Turkey’s militia still continue. FORUM

Dec 28 2020

Syria: Turkey and Russia agreement on Ain Issa

According to Russian sources, Turkey and Russia agreed to reduce the tensions in Ain Issa and deployment of Russian military police in the area. Deputy director the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria stated that with the aim of strengthening efforts to stabilize the Ain Issa region, additional units of the Russian Military Police arrived in the area. He asked the sides of the conflict to cease fire and to reduce the tensions in the area. The agreement is announced while Turkish-backed forces shelled areas Mushayrifa and Jahbal with artillery last night. No news if the control of Ain Issa town …

Dec 23 2020

Russia-Turkey talks on Ain Issa and SDF opposition

During the meeting, the Turkish delegation strongly called for the withdrawal of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from the city of Ain Issa, stating that this is the only way to stop the clashes in the Ain Issa area. However, the Turks have promised the Russian side that the clashes will be temporarily suspended until the SDF decides on this. On the other hand, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) refuse to accept this and they are not willing to leave the town of Ain Issa. In recent weeks, clashes and tensions in the Ain Issa area have reached their peak; The …

Dec 20 2020

Turkish-Backed Militias Operation in Ain Issa (Map Update)

On 18 December, Turkish-backed militants launched an operation against positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near Ain Issa and managed to enter the villages of al-Mushayrifa, Jahbal and Tina al-Jarid. On the other hand, the SDF announced that it has repelled the attacks of Turkish militants and pushed back them from the claimed areas. At least two SDF forces and nine Turkish-backed militias were killed during the clashes. A Syrian army soldier was also wounded during the bombardment of areas near the Silo of (Shirakrak)Ain Isa. On 19 December, there were reports of Turkish-backed Militias sending equipment and troops …

Dec 8 2020

Tension increases in northeast of Syria; Turkey might operate against Kurds again

In the past week, tension and conflict increased between SDF and Turkey’s militant at the contact line of safe zone in northeast of Syria.There were always sporadic conflicts in the area but the conflicts of past week were unusual and SDF repelled several limited operations of Turkish-backed forces which imposed significant casualties upon the militants. Most of the conflicts took place near areas Ain Issa and Tal Tamar. The intensity of bombing and conflicts is so high that refugees of Ain Issa camp are evacuating. In the last two days due to the conflicts in north of Tal Tamar, near …