Mar 18 2021

Video: New Iraqi group targets Al Asad Airbase and US logistics convoy

The “Khayber Brigade” group released two videos from the moment of the explosion in the route of the logistical convoy of the American forces in the Yusefiyah area of Baghdad on February 8 and the moment of the rocket firing towards the Al Asad Airbase on March 3. Rocket attack on Ain Al Asad Airbase The moment of the explosion in the route of the logistical convoy of the American forces in the Yusefiyah area of Baghdad FORUM

Apr 12 2020

The US Secretary of Defense’s unconventional visit to Iraq

In this regard, today Barham Salih the Iraq’s president went to the Mohamed al-Halbousi’s house in Fallujah. It is being said that these two Iraqi officials went to Ain Al-Asad to meet with Mark Esper. Also there are news about that Mostafa Al-Kadhimi met with Esper too in Aind Al-asad. However, these meetings have not been confirmed yet by the officials sources. P.S. The meeting between Barham Salih (The Kurd president) and Al-Halbousi (Sunni) with an American minister specially in Ain Al-Asad base is against the international customes, diplomatic relations and independence of a country. FORUM

Apr 1 2020

Does U.S. intend to attack Iraqi groups? Part 2

Iraq’s prime ministry is a position that who ever assumes it, cannot ignore the influence of USA and Iran on this country. Iran has proved to be the best partner in the region and the most trustworthy in fighting terrorism and the most powerful player in Iraq. Considering this role, stance of a westernized person such as Adnan al-Zurufi is easier to understand. He is not the only one who cannot be successful in ruling Iraq without Iran’s help. If al-Zurufi wants to be PM he must first absorb trust of Iraq’s Shia groups in the parliament. There are other …

Feb 19 2020

Video: Al-Nujaba once again threatened US forces in Iraq

The al-Nujaba movement had earlier released a picture of an American military vehicle near Ain al-Assad airbase.The al-Nujaba movement has recently intensified its threats to avenge the blood of the martyrs of Haj Qassem Suleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes. But these moves appear to be aimed more at pushing Americans out of Iraq.

Feb 17 2020

Deploying Patriot systems and Danish soldiers to Ain al Asad base

Trine Bramsen , the Minister of Defence of Denmark, said that the troops will return on March 1 to Ain al Asad base. After Iran’s missile attack to Ain al Asad base, Denmark pulled back its 130 troops from Ain al Asad and stopped all of their training and other activities.Karim Aliyawi Iraqi MP, reported of installing Patriot SAMs in Ain al Asad base. P.S. USA is under pressure by Iraqi groups to evacuate Iraq, is now trying to cheat and stay and increase the security of its forces. Agreement with Kurds to erect new based in Iqlim, pulling out …

Feb 12 2020

109 US Troops Suffered Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries!

This is at least the fifth time the US. has increased the number of personnel injured during the Iranian attack. Trump initially reported no US. troops were harmed! but it seems the story continues…

Feb 7 2020

IRGC unveiled new details of downed US BAMS-D RQ-4A drone + Video

Based on available evidences and what Gen. Hajizadeh said, the major parts of this advanced UAV have been pull out of the depth of sea by the Iranian navy, and very valuable information of the remained pieces were gained by Iranian armed forces.Gen. Hajizadeh said that the Americans should draw a red line on this drone, because Iran has accessed to all of its dimensions and this drone is actually inefficient against Iran, and Iran can make this drone useless from thousands of kilometers.He said in the attack on Ain al-Asad and the cyber war that was done against American …