Jan 4 2022

IED and Drone Attacks on US in Iraq

The Iraqi resistance groups attacked two US logistical convoys in the provinces of Baghdad and Muthanna with two roadside bombs. The Ulu al-Azm group claimed responsibility for the both attacks in Muthanna and Baghdad provinces. Also in a separate attack, the positions of US occupation forces at Ain Al Asad Airbase were subjected to suicide drones. Published images show the success of US defense systems thwarting of the drone attacks. According to these images, two suicide drones from the Samad family (KAS-04) were used in the attack. It should be noted that both IED and drone attacks were carried out …

Jul 5 2021

The Eighth Rocket Attack On Ain Al Asad Airbase

The Iraqi resistance groups fired at least eight 107mm rockets at the Ain Al Asad Airbase from the area between Hih-Kabisah in Anbar province. No other information is currently available on the extent of the damage and possible casualties in the attack. According to our intelligence, this is the eighth attack by Iraqi resistance groups on US positions at the Ain Al Asad base. Breaking: Rocket attack on Ain Al Asad Airbase FORUM

May 4 2021

Breaking: Rocket Attack on Ain Al Asad Airbase

It is noteworthy that the attack took place at the same time as the US delegation met with the Iraqi Prime Minister in Baghdad. FORUM

Apr 16 2021

Breaking: Iraqi resistance groups reportedly attacked Ain Al Asad Airbase with 3 suicide drones


May 6 2020

Purple heart medals for injured soldiers due to Iran’s missile attack to Ain al-Assad!

According to American terrorist army spokesperson, in a ceremony 29 soldiers injured in Iran’s missile attack to Ain al Assad were awarded purple heart medals.It is while according to US officials claimed 110 soldiers were injured. Purple heart is a military medal given to US soldiers who lost their lives or injured by enemy attack.Is headache and brain injury part of qualifications for this medal? FORUM

Apr 8 2020

Video: Ain al Assad base, Asbat al-Thaerin’s new threat!

Asbat al-Thaerin mentioned in the video that they have full observation on the American bases and if they do not leave Iraq, they will be attacked. FORUM

Feb 17 2020

Deploying Patriot systems and Danish soldiers to Ain al Asad base

Trine Bramsen , the Minister of Defence of Denmark, said that the troops will return on March 1 to Ain al Asad base. After Iran’s missile attack to Ain al Asad base, Denmark pulled back its 130 troops from Ain al Asad and stopped all of their training and other activities.Karim Aliyawi Iraqi MP, reported of installing Patriot SAMs in Ain al Asad base. P.S. USA is under pressure by Iraqi groups to evacuate Iraq, is now trying to cheat and stay and increase the security of its forces. Agreement with Kurds to erect new based in Iqlim, pulling out …

Feb 12 2020

109 US Troops Suffered Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries!

This is at least the fifth time the US. has increased the number of personnel injured during the Iranian attack. Trump initially reported no US. troops were harmed! but it seems the story continues…

Feb 7 2020

Image: The Ultimate Punishment

Imam Khamenei: Iran’s IRGC hit an immediate blow and crashed the American base with its missiles and trampled that arrogant oppressing government’s grandeur and credit but its ultimate punishment is expelling from the region.