Jan 4 2022

IED and Drone Attacks on US in Iraq

The Iraqi resistance groups attacked two US logistical convoys in the provinces of Baghdad and Muthanna with two roadside bombs. The Ulu al-Azm group claimed responsibility for the both attacks in Muthanna and Baghdad provinces. Also in a separate attack, the positions of US occupation forces at Ain Al Asad Airbase were subjected to suicide drones. Published images show the success of US defense systems thwarting of the drone attacks. According to these images, two suicide drones from the Samad family (KAS-04) were used in the attack. It should be noted that both IED and drone attacks were carried out …

Mar 6 2021

Pentagon: We will respond to Ain al-Asad attacks at the right time and place

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stressed that the United States is not interested in escalating tensions with Iran, but in protecting its forces and continuing its mission in Iraq. And Iraqi officials continue to investigate the attacks, and the Pentagon will not name the culprit until the investigation is completed. On Wednesday, more than 10 rockets were fired at the Ain al-Asad airbase. According to available information, a contractor at the Ain al-Asad airbase suffered a heart attack and lost his life. FORUM

Feb 7 2020

IRGC unveiled new details of downed US BAMS-D RQ-4A drone + Video

Based on available evidences and what Gen. Hajizadeh said, the major parts of this advanced UAV have been pull out of the depth of sea by the Iranian navy, and very valuable information of the remained pieces were gained by Iranian armed forces.Gen. Hajizadeh said that the Americans should draw a red line on this drone, because Iran has accessed to all of its dimensions and this drone is actually inefficient against Iran, and Iran can make this drone useless from thousands of kilometers.He said in the attack on Ain al-Asad and the cyber war that was done against American …